that’s what art is.

andy’s parties always start latethey never finish earlybeautiful artwork and creative spaceat andy’s parties we’re cool at andy’s parties we stay up latemodels smoking the and radio onintellectual passages roll off our tonguesat andy’s parties we drink this one’s for you andy. thanks for expressing yourself. xo

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As a Kid

My mum always taught me, just because you don’t have money doesn’t mean you can’t compete. It merely means you must be more creative. Andy, says to think rich and look poor.So, with these two influences I find myself thinking rich, and finding creative ways to make money all the while looking stylish yet competitive. Thanks for the influence.

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you’re a little weezer

last night my friend played an acoustic weezer concert for was so great. it was almost as good as if the weeze boys were playing just for me.i loved it.

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