Tickets for the #CCspeakeasy

Thursday downtown 7pm. Five pairs of tickets.

Like on Facebook, follow on Twitter AND leave a comment to enter. Say whatever you want in comment. This is a night you don’t wanna miss. The speakeasy  is hosted in a private residence downtown, dress code in effect and you’ll need the password to get past the back door. Read Paul’s column in TheGrid if you’ve not seen it yet.  😉 HAPPY FRIDAY!

organized crime…?

canadian club speakeasy toronto november 3
Perhaps…stay tuned for RSVP to the Canadian Club Speakeasy in Toronto
canadian club speakeasy toronto november 3


No old people. No boring people. No office parties. No hen parties. No stag parties. No work suits. No cameras or photography. No customer service. Dress Code: Undercover on your way there, dangerous once you’re inside. UNDERGROUND REBEL BINGO CLUB.

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club is a secret organisation that meets in secret locations to party HARD and play hardcore Rebel Bingo.

I didn’t take my camera but  O’Nizz did check her b.l.o.g right here.

Welcome to the HEALTH & FITNESS MEETING, helloo Sheldon

PBR, bingo cards, markers, CHECK. Thanks for this pic Anthony Brennan.

Sapporo Sound Den meets Toronto at Cheval

This week I was treated like (social) royalty by the Sapporo team. Thank you. Arrived with my crew to be walked in right away and set up with a booth fully stocked with Goose and buckets of beer.

Stay classy. Spice up your beer drinking by using a champagne glass. Party tips from a pro.

Black fortune cookies.

My fortune.

I wore a turban for part of the night. Not a REAL turban like my friend here, mine was all in the name of style, from the church of Forever 21. haha (First thing I ever bought there. I’d not been to one before last weekend!)

Jacks, my darling senior publicist babe for Global Television. ILU.

Team awesome.

Been a fan of the Sapporo for years so was a pleasure to meet the team. I’ll make sure these vouchers go to good use.

Let’s hang out again some time 🙂

This post is for my girls and boys at Bud Camp.

Last year was SO much fun. I loved ALL the girls. A bunch of them I still see. Met some totally awesome guys too. Had an absolute blast.

Me wearing my outfit today. Have fun this weekend peeps!

For all you people at or not at at Bud Camp.

These are my last year memories. xo CASIE

P.S. Colin if you see this call me.

Gladstone Tweetgasm August 2011: Brock + Sockhop

This month’s Tweetgams was Monday night The Gladstone  hosted by the lovely Brock McLaughlin. Doesn’t he look like James Dean. Swoon.

Tweetgasm is fun. I’m going to host one in October. Stay tuned for that.

Boogie down baby. I went for 60’s Twiggy mod.

Auditioned for a ghosty show today with Lauren O’Nizzle. It was fun. I hope they pick us.

There were some nice outfits. I’m going to have a theme for my Tweetgasm too. Idea submissions encouraged.