Party like it’s 2012! Dim sum dance party w/ Mansion

Mansion NYE Brenmar

We had all the blonde blogging babies out that night. Love those babies. Last night I watched Swingers and now all I wanna do is call my besties babies.

Mansion NYE

All our boys were there too. Love these love birds. Lozzie & Seany.

Mansion NYE

Mansion NYE

Emma is one of my style ICONS. You can find her managing my fav vintage shop @CTS_Queen. She is a beauty and always has the most rad outfits. She picked out my gold dress for the night from the shop, I cut it and added a bow + belt. Check the dance move of the guy in the background above. Ha! The cute baby boy with her below is her charming BF Brendan. Alliteration is my fav literary love.

Mansion NYE

All photos are taken by my lovely PA Miss Kate Killet. THANKS KATE!

Mansion NYE Dim Sum

These dudes were part of the dancing dragons. We were really at a Dim Sum spot. I didn’t eat any, I’m not really into Dim Sum. I heard there were serving lobster too.

Mansion NYE


Mansion NYE

Blondetourage rides again, Lauren, Me, RaymboBLOG POWER! That’s like GIRL POWER Spice girls style. We’re modern stylin’ Spice Nerds.

Mansion NYE

Mansion NYE

Mansion NYE

Mansion NYE

Sammy & Ross are in Jamaica right now. DAMN YOU JERKS! j.k. Have fun boys. Bring me back a rum.

Mansion NYE

Mansion NYE

Mansion NYE crowd

My sis Effie was dressed almost same as Lauren. TWINSIES! Thanks Mansion for a fun party!

Mansion NYE

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! ♥ See more photos by Kate on Flickr here and  Nirvana on FB here.

Nulayer’s New Apps

 On Thursday Sam & I met up with Lauren at Thrush Holmes Empire Gallery for the launch of two apps from Toronto based dev company Nulayer. Nulayer, was called the “App Kings” on the cover of Toronto Life’s 2011 Money Issue, and they were celebrating the launch of two new apps (Toronto Star and TheScore).

One of the things I love about the company is the tag line “we build software with our bare hands“. Thanks for the invite Esther, always nice to see you!


Sam is wearing waxed Nudies & vintage from CTS. I’m wearing AA black scoop neck & re-modelled vintage from F As In Frank, Queen West, Hamilton watch, Secret FW 2011 blue tights.


PHOTO CRED:  chocolate bar + photo of Esther & I by Joel Di Giacomo, Sam & I by Jannick Laurent, the rest, my iPhone


Do you know how to have fun?

We sure do. Last nights Rebel Bingo was a hell of a good time. Thanks to everyone who came out. Will have official photos soon. Here’s my first hand iPhone recap 🙂












Friday Afternoon Cartoon – Badass




Ladies & gentemen, Rebel Bingo is coming back to Toronto. Now, this is NOT YOUR MAMA’S bingo, bango, bongo bullsh!t.
This is REBEL F*CK!NG BINGO and YOU do not want to miss it.

What will you tell your grandkids if you don’t go? “Once I had this amazing opportunity to do something fun but I decided I don’t like fun and missed out”. No, we don’t say things like that. We LOVE TO HAVE FUN.


Last time was crazy wild and I can’t even tell you what kinda sht went down,you just have to be there.

Get a ticket HERE. They are $10 now but will be more come Friday. Location & cover story info is hereO’Nizzle and I are calling numbers with James Flames (above). This is a revolution. Join it.

The #CCSpeakeasy

Casie 7

I would say good morning but as I write this it’s already the late afternoon. What can I say? I’m still recovering from last night’s awesomeness. The Canadian Club Speakeasy was an old timey shindig if there ever was! Who doesn’t love dressing up all flapper-esque and pretending to be in Boardwalk Empire?! Here’s some photos I snapped of everyone dolled-up and  a ditty for you to listen along to!

Casie and the Car

This car was outside and begging to be posed with.


The bartenders were all dapper and pulled out some tricks as they mixed the Canadian Club cocktails. They were all Boardwalk Empire themed too. The hit of the night seemed to be the Nucky!

Casie 5

Casie and I couldn’t help but have a mini photo shoot. The location was just so cool looking!

Casie 4

This 1920s girl is always working!

best dressed

How handsome! It’s no surprise that Jason won best dressed! Although he did have some stiff competition…

Classy Barbie

This Barbie is so classy!

Sam and Ross

Sam and Ross all suited up! Can the men of the world just agree to dress like this all the time please? All of you guys just have a meeting and discuss it at least? Cool thanks.

Well that’s all for now! Thanks so much to Canadian Club and HBO for putting on the ritz and feeding us tasty drinks! Now excuse me while I get back to my recovery and giant bottle of water. Maybe I’ll lazy about on the couch and watch something. Can you guess what?

xo Kate