the hemingway: beer. booze. babes. butts.

A couple years ago, 2007, I was in a job I began to hate so one day, I flat out quit.

I started doing freelance PR. It was good glam for a while but then I was poor ass. So…

I went to work at Hemingways, Toronto’s very own Little New Zealand in Yorkville. It was really fun. I hadn’t worked in a resto in a few years.

It was a bit tough at first to adjust to the lifestyle but it really didn’t take long. I made friends with a heap of awesome people, mostly hot girls.

I worked there for the best busiest time of year too; end of summer before Flm Fest – Christmas.

I was proud of myself for not getting sad about not making enough money doing freelance work, instead I pulled up my socks, hiked up my miniskirt and started serving.

No matter what job I was doing, I never lost sight of what I truly love…being social.

Instead of complaining about  the waitress life I took more shifts and worked as much as I could. It was a good strategy and worked well to bond with other employees.

I got a call in December from an old colleague, in recruiting who had an opportunity he thought I’d be great for. Turns out, I was great for it!

I left Hems for that job and stayed there until recently leaving to work for the MuchMTV Group. It’s amazing to think of all the changes I’ve gone through. Been going through lots of photos lately, there’s only about 10,000 from the past five or so years.

Wendy was one of my fav’s. She was a little crazy one just like me. We partied alot together. It was more than fun.  She moved away to Japan and is in the UK now I think.

Shannon and I got on really well also, she went away to India for a year and I had busted outta the joint by the time she came back. I love going back in there to see old familiar faces.

I’m really happy to be where I am now. I made a  TweetCloud of my most used words on Twitter from the past three months, they are love, haha, thanks. I guess that means I’m funny, loving and have good manners? Either way, they’re all positive 🙂

I’m excited for 2010. Rock on.

Happy Monday 🙂

mo money mo mustaches

Do you know what Movember is? If you don’t you should go learn so that next time someone brings it up you don’t look like a dork.

I’m a Mo Sista on a Mo Team and I love me some mustaches. …and mustache rides 🙂 haha You can support me and my Team by donating some dough right here. You’re welcome to join the team and grow your own MO too.

I got a huge box from Prostate Cancer Canada last night and it’s FULL of Movember Party gear including pageant banners for the best Mo Man and Mo Sista and a stack of stickers. There’s a Mo Love button too, oh I love. I’ll be hosting mini Mo Parties and collecting donations all month.

Have a wonderful day & happy Movember!

the old cat lady stole the best pumpkin

Saturday night was a fun one. After a lovely dinner it was time to make blood and put on the war paint.

It’s amazing how you can look so lovely on one minute and completely disgusting the next.

Zombie Wonder Woman is one of my new fav’s. It was a total hit.

Kory made a very pretty Queen of Hearts. I look so scary and gross in this one.

These masks are scary too…aaah.

the only rule: don’t spill it

Last night I stopped into The Hazelton for Macallan Scotch tasting.  Wasn’t sure if I was gonna to make it through. I thought, ‘I don’t know if I can handle drinking scotch but I’m sure going to try’. I had a good time at the vodka tasting last time.

I arrived with Keri and sat down right across from Cheryl who I know as @Cherrysberries. We had a lovely Quebecois man named Mark showing us the Macallan.

It wasn’t long before I spotted a bunch of familiar faces around the room…

Toronto bloggers Zucket & Hyfen

Twitter peeps Jingle_jangle_topshelf, Reado & Karmacake

Some things I learned:

  • pay attention to how the scotch feels in your mouth
  • distilled beer is whiskey
  • women have better sense of smell
  • takes 12 years to make a 12 year whiskey
  • no right or wrong way to drink scotch
  • don’t put it in the freezer
  • ice ball has less surface area than an cube and melts slowly

The whole time I was tasting these I thought “I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Here it goes down, down into my belly.” haha

Macallan 12 – added water, comes from Spanish oak, little bit of wood smoke, valinna woith hints of ginger, smooth palet, sweet toffee finish, dried fruit…

Macallan 15 – fine oak – lighter in colour

Macallan 18 – fine sherry oak, darker

Macallan 21 – like a fine ballerina on stage exquisite single malt

Whiskey stones are better than icecubes. If you don’t get the expensive ones you can go to Lake Ontario, bend down, pick up some stones, wash with wiskey, put in the freezer, use as ice rocks.

To ensure they don’t ruin their wood supply, they don’t cut more than they plant; they plan ahead 100 years for that fine oak.

That’s pretty cool. I recon making a hundred year plan is a good idea.