this post is alllllllll about winning.

The other night I was at Century Room for a music video shoot. Was chilling with a bunch of babes/models/friends: Jo, Jess, Me, Grace & Lilly.

You are so cute JoJo.

Renee, Kevin & her cute friend. (R-L) Jo dancing in the back, Jess txting in fur.

I lost count on how many fireworks/bottles there were over the course of the night.

We had a great time, I ended woke up with a killer hangover. Casie Sheen, aaahaha.

My friend JD Howel was shooting the video, check out this awesome footage he shot of the Shuttle Discovery on a plane the other day. It’s now on MSNBC. WIN!

“I was returning to Toronto from a shoot in Cuba on an Air Canada flight, and awoke just as it was happening,” Howell told me in an e-mail. “I started rolling my iPhone and caught two minutes of it before it exited the atmosphere. Talk about timing!”

Went for a little stroll fitst thing this morning. Super sunny outside today.

Check out this super hot photo of Keri by Suzy Lamont. WIN!

Lady Gaga killed the runway in Paris last night for the Theirry Mugler  A/W 2011 show. God I love her. Waiting for a call from my sister to see if we will be attending her show tonight. Fingers crossed. I saw her last time she was in town, LOVE. Photo from

In other news, I would like to thank GM Canada because tomorrow A CAR is being dropped off at my place for the weekend. I tweeted the other day that I would love the use of a vehicle now & then and that I didn’t want to own it, just use it. By the powers on the internet, I got an email from the lovely Adria  at GM saying they would be happy to lend me a car from their media fleet. HECK YEAH WIN.

Have an awesome day 🙂

Rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Love you Charlie.

love is in the air

Mmm, chocolate cake. Happy Birthday Joelle!

This one if from Joelle’s camera.

And this one captures a very serious conversation…total ‘OMG’ face on me.

Back to my camera for some more real talk. Uh, pardon me? Omg.

Hmmm, someone taking photo with shaky hand. Bad romance.

Vodka/water/strawberry, good for sipping. Light, refreshing, hydrating and will keep you from hangover given you don’t go crazy.

Joelle had this gorgeous dress with a fringe on the arms, look closely. Totally in love with fringe. Fringe everything.

Hearts on everything too. I have two different heart tattoo’s in case you were wondering. Both on right arm, one pink, one red.

Nice surprise to see you there Simon. Goo work on the tunage and fun times. Your date was a babe.

borderline the girl artistic borderline artistic borderline is borderline artistic feeling borderline artistic borderline artistic borderline her borderline borderline artistic heart artistic artistic borderline on artistic borderline artistic borderline artistic fire.

All these snowflakes are full of love & light.

Mum collected all these heart photos on her sailing trip to the Bahamas. She sounds so happy when I talk to her. Imagine living there on a boat right now. Bliss.

When I see a heart shape in something I always think it’s a sign she’s watching out for me. For example, this sweet potato tempura heart. Yum one, Mum!

The more love you give the more love you have. If you need some it’s right here for you.

Ok byeeeeeeee. Valetines night get ready time. xo

#GENYTO #SMWTO party photos

Friday night at Lee’s Palace was great fun. Thank you to everone who came out. I love seeing so many good looking familiar faces & meeting new ones.

Many thanks to Marcel aka @mdee14 for being my photog for the night. Pictures look great, see the full set on Facebook.

You can tell which photos in this post are from my wee little camera. 😉 Ex. 1, 2, & 3.

Sheldon you look hot, Lisa too.

SMWTO stickers by Sticker You. I need some stickers, pronto. Any of you remember/have my OLD stickers?

Back stage for Prince Perry‘s show. BTW if anyone wants to go to their show on Feb. 25th, LMK. I got your guestlist.

Gave away a couple flights on Virgin America as your Virgin Toronto Provocateur; one to a GenYTO ticket buyer, one to a Social Media Week Volunteer, third to a fan of the band Prince Perry & the Gladtones.

Winners were Ava Zack, Kayla McQueen & Natalie Taylor.

This game takes me back to highschool so bad, love it.  I’d like to play more often, who has a table??

Once there was no more dealing with capacity issues  & everyone could get in, I gave myself a thumbs up…

…and had a beer. Afan you are a party animal, I like it.

If anyone wants to get involved with our GenY initiatives in some way, please email me. We have a tumblr GenYTO and if you would like to contribute content related to young entrepreneurs or cool internetty stuff, let me know that too.

The next GenYTO will be in the spring and it will be HUGE. Keep an eye on the hashtag for other cool stuff until then.

Have a great day,

GIFTING DAY 5: you thirsty?

Earlier this year I went to New Zealand for New Zealand Fashion Week. It was an amazingly awesome trip. Words can not explain all the fun things  I did, the photos and blog posts will give you an idea but you need to ask me in person to really know. Thank you to Patty Huntington, Anna Jobz, the whole NZFW team, designers, sponsors and people I met for making it so freaking awesome-never-forget-fun.

Today I share with you a story and a something from my little wee wine library.

My most anticipated show for NZFW was Stolen Girlfriends Club.  It was the show I knew I’d like. This pic is me after the show w/ Venus who was my totally awesome Minder for the week. The fashion show ended with a cannon of confetti and roses. A cute boy caught a rose and gave it to me, there was glitter in my hair. I sat front row and centre and we were all in  an old theatre. Someone pointed out that the girl on the poster for the show looked kinda like me. Pretty neat.

This was the final outfit.  The models all lined up then the ‘couple’ came out last.  That’s when the cannon went off. I love the clothes they make, the jewellry and how they put on a show. So hot.

You know who else was there that night? And who had been tweeting away becoming friends before I even arrived on the scene? Kim Crawford Wines. (Found out the other day K.C Wine is Mum’s fav from NZ!).

The people were all so nice and it was a pleasure meeting them. Everyone drank out of  little jars, it was fun.  The other day I recieved a case of Sauvignion Blanc and Pinot Noir from Kim Crawford Wines. I know, it came with a really nice letter too. Very much appreciated.

Guess what? I’d like to share some of it with you today.

Today’s winner gets gift package of goodies including both the Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.

To win leave a comment below using FB/Twitter/DISQUS and use ‘Kim Crawford Wine(s)’ in a sentence.

*  Would like to give this to someone in Toronto personally  🙂

incredible india wecomes you!

Saturday night Brown Barbie and The Blondetourage hit up the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange India party at the Munition Factory. It was fun. Thanks Smirnoff!

Doesn’t this look like a bunch of fun?

Super cute, Keri & Raymi.

Say wha? 5 rupees? No way.

More blondes! Blonde Jovi!

There was heaps of food and a market with all kinds of things I reckon you’d find in India. Man I love a good theme party.

Christine, April, Carly. Babes.

Dance party!

Lauren’s BF Sean is the best. Great sport takin’ heaps of photos of us, THANK YOU!

You know this rascal.Always with the ladies 😉

Thanks Mum for having this wiked vintage Kaftan. It was a hit!

stella ella ola, beer me please!

Let the holiday gift giving begin!!

I’m giving away TWO invites for TWO (total of four) people to attend an exclusive evening at the Beer Institute on December 2nd, 2010 at 6:30 pm sharp.

I would LOVE to be there but I will be in LA. Just think…THIS COULD BE YOU!

The Beer Institute is an exclusive facility located at 207 Queens Quay W Suite 299. Toronto, ON (2nd Floor). It features a gorgeous bar featuring over 50 different beers, several lounges overlooking the waterfront, a games room and more.

Winners will be recieving:
* A brief seminar on everything beer
* Instruction on the 9-Step Stella Pouring Ritual
* The ability to bartend (to try out their newly learned 9-step pouring ritual)
* Sample a multitude of domestic and international beers BEER ME!
* Dinner
* Prizes

Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. I’ve got a whole bunch of goodies up my sleeve to give you this month. It’s a big thank you from me and some of the great companies I’ve worked with this year for checking in daily to see what crazy awesome things I’m up to. I appreciate your love and it makes me really happy to share stuff with you.

I will be picking the TWO winners on Tuesday, Nov. 30th. All you have to do is log in w/ Twitter, Facebook or Disqus and leave a comment below.

Prize winners and their guest MUST arrive ON TIME (not late!) as the facility is not publicly accessible and someone has to escort you in. Oh you fancy huh? Yes.

Big thank you to Calvin at Boston Pizza Yonge Sheppard for hooking YOU up. Give him a high five at the event when you meet him 🙂