i just wanna blog, i don’t really caaaaaaaaaaaaaare.

I have like 8,000 things I’m trying to do an I wanna do is blog, blog, blog. Wahhhh. Here’s some things I did today real fast.

Had this song stuck in my had all day. You’re welcome.

Plank like ‘errrrrrrrry day.

New shoes @ Get Outside. I replaced my white canvas Converse (like those words together) every summer. I love summer.

Went to a beautiful Dermaglow event at the TIFF Lightbox.

The team is fab. Thank you for all the products. I can’t wait to wash my face & moist it in a few mins.

I’m excited for Film Fest this year. If you & your company wanna chat about doing something cool together email TIFF@casiestewart.com. 10 days of pure awesome fun.

Sometimes when Keri & I hang out it’s like, so meta. So funny too. Keri taking photo to blog and me taking her photo & blogging it. Oooh hehe haha. I kill me.

Ate a meat pie. I love meat pies. Wasn’t as good as NZ meat pie though.  Say meat pie again.

Mince meat w/ potato top are my most fav. I also like patio lunches.

Got some jazz in the mail from China I ordered from Etsy. I freaking love Etsy now. I have a bad memory (reason I started this blog) so I forget things often. I didn’t know what was in the package before I opened it. Self gifting FTW.

Keri got mail too. Look how happy.

Tonight I have three events, Steamwhistle, Yelp, Molson Sublime. Excited to see friends. I love summer. Gah!


patio season is here! #ftw #may24 #babes

The Lou Dawgs patio was so hot yesterday. The sun was warm too.

It was 12/1, girl/guy ratio.  Oh yeah, love it. We were hecking passers by. Well, mostly I was. lulz

Only guy was Darryl himself!

Jenie & I chatted about life. Reflected on our awesome day. (Hair cut on Tuesday, it’s long!)

So glad I took out my nose ring. Kabbalah string broke in later in the day.

Didn’t get poutine (for once) opted for a healthier chicked salad wrap. Very good.

We gifted out leftovers to a homeless guy. Wearing new mala beads w/ black onyx stone. Gift send to me from Tiny Devotions. You’ll be seeing more of them this summer.

Say hello to @thegingerjoo, she’s a bossy boots, sassy pants Ginger. Love Jooooooo!

Cutie pie Jeanine 🙂

Say hellooo to my other friend Susur Lee.

Something was bring filmed outside his resto.

That’s all for now kids. Let the weekend begin! Hoping keri says yes to going to Bridemaids with me. Reckon perfect start to Cheryl’s wedding weekend. Stoked to go home & see Dad tomorrow too. Driving this Ford Fusion for the weekend. Check me out ‘eh.

Goal is no towing and NO parking tickets! Wish me luck 😉

Quite enjoy this feature though. Training wheels for parking haha.


someecards.com - Let's party like the world's ending Saturday and continue partying when it doesn't

notable’s chilean wine tasting @ the spoke club

Hey girl wha you doin?

Thanks for having me & friends Julian. Looking forward to the launch of Notable.ca.

I’m Jon Crowley. Nuff said.

Food was good too. Lamb, ILU.

Mario, you need to shoot me one of these days. Sooner than later!

Our names are Reggie – Reggie & Reggie.

You are SUCH a foodie JO!

Babe watch: Pam, Karly, Keri

This was my fav wine of the night:

This was second. A friend intro’d me to this a couple years back.

This girl was prize winner. I think that guy is my neighbour.

Wine tasting was great but I reckon I’ve got a two glass limit. I know drinking is different than tasting but this was more of a drinking/tasting. I used to love wine, could polish off a bottle easy. It gives me a hurting in my chest, like acid reflux when I have to much now. Especially the next day. Urgh. Am I getting old? My birthday is next weekend. I have planned nothing. Ahhh.

Ok have a wonderful day! It’s lovely out there.

the good ol’ irish goodbye

Getting pretty good at it. Pulled another last night before the  Notable Chilean Wine tasting was over. Keri is hilarious. Are you following her? You should.

I love the Spoke Club. Such good food last night.  There was scallops & bacon, lamb,  piles of meat, cheese, bite size burgers. Lots of wine too. I’m not the wine drinker I used to be. I can do like two glasses only. I used to plow through a bottle no problem. I also used to arrive late/stay late  to parties all the time. Last night we arrived early, first. I am clearly getting older. I drink less these days too.

The ‘sneak out of the party’ move is my new ‘fashionably late’. Stay tuned this summer, it might happen to you 😛

sometimes victory is a phone number

Last night was amazing. I will tell you more about later because being an after hours athlete I slept half the day. I’ve gotta run to a meeting now. VP of Puma told me I am amazing and Puma Social is one of Forbes magazine’s most creative campaigns of the year.

Talk about WINNING. Ok, more later. Bye 🙂

my beaver’s name is _______. #canlit

I love you beaver.

Brock loves beaver too.

That’s a nice one.

Annual CanLit party last night. Note: does not have anything to do with reading.

Can you spot my date Mr. Belvedere hiding under the diet coke?

That beaver gets AROUND.

What should I do with it?

Oh to be that beaver.

What a GUY.

Kurt you are so good looking.

I am good looking too. haha

She really IS BFF’s with Oprah.

All class right here.

Akermanis glasses on me. Good job as DJ bro.


Dance par-tay.

Work it Sunta.

J. Edgar mid move.

Keri blog!

Not an exercise ball.

A balloon!

Omg sleeping Jon Crowley!

The end. All photos by Rannie aka @photojunkie, ALL are on Rannie’s site here.

I’m off to pick up my sis and go home to see Daddio. Bon weekend!