Fully epic.

This shot of awesome comes to you from the lovely Louisa & She Does The City. Remember that awesome Journey concert last week? See her post & more photos from that epic night here. This photo kills me. We had an awesome time, THANKS AMEX!

“AMEX rounds up Toronto bloggers to put manners aside and rock out at a VIP Journey concert experience.” – She Does The City

stella block party was a stellar block party, blog party.

Welcome to the party.

Please drink responsibly.

The lights were  my love of the night. More of this please. So pretty.

These shots are so tumblrey or hipster bride. If you are reading this and getting married (I know there’s a few!) and don’t know Hipster Bride yet, well, be thankful you are reading this now. It’s full of inspiration.

This one is cool.

Beautiful clear sky & bright moon tonight. I love this city. Reminded me a bit of the supermoon, that night was special.

Bit of a stalk party, cameras everywhere. I bet they make a wicked video from the night. Saw a couple videographers capturing moments in time. Look at that sky & view, so nice.

eWg56a on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Loved people walking by wondering what the heck this ‘pop up party’ was. Lights and music were in everyones eyes & ears. You couldn’t miss it. There was a lineup the entire night.

Youre alright but I’m heredarling, to enjoy the party.

Now THIS is cool. Never seen one of these before…

Say, wha? What’s a beer pumper? Oh yes, this is a beer pumper my friends.

Trexxx on the TAPS!

OMG YES! (Ok, wasn’t actually working but still cool.) Want that truck to put out MY fire ifyaknowhatimean.

Had a bunch of peeps I’ve never met IRL who read my blog come say HI. HI GUYS, nice meeting you! Truly great meeting people who read/love this blog and no it’s not creepy/weird when you say “Hi, my name is ____ and I read your blog/follow you Twitter/FB.” (Google+ would be kinda creepy though to be honest. Ha. Seriously.) Always say HI, I love it.

There were a ton of babes on the block. Seriously, babes everywhere.

Nice one Keri for winning the contest & getting to host the party downtown. You looked hot.

I saw that one babe from Wakestock last year but didn’t get to say hi. This one.

We had so much fun at wakestock last year, this post, uhhhh, such great memories. Meeting Flava Flav, hanging w/ Maestro, the Blondetourage. Summer is made for fun.

Button making station. Haven’t seen that one before. I love when people get creative. They also had a photobooth, poutine and ice cream. The Stella Girls were in these darling red dresses, bartenders looked nice too. Good job team.


The end.



Don’t stop believin’, ever.

Thanks Amex for a great night. Journey was awesome live. A night to remember with a bunch of really good people. We got the star treatment from start to finish. Amex has been a good friend, remember last year’s Amex Canvas event when I won my lovely iPad Andy? Won tickets to Ke$ha last night too. Thanks team!  Gotta work my way up to a Gold card. Hint hint 😉

Private dinner was in this lovely area on the water.

Thanks for this little guy. Now all I need is a trip & new luggage to match!

Short & sweet preso about the new Amex Gold Rewards Card. Lots of features, points & perks. Check out all the deets here.

Tweet wall was done really well. Put photos up with Tweets. Nice to see you Breanna!

Rannie was out photog. Love this pic.

Lamb, chicken, beef, bacon. Yeah. Yum.

Mega VIP, drink tickets, food. So awesome. Mucho gracias.

Motorola DEFY, glasses from New Zealand, tasty treats. Brownie was divine.

Eva your hair looked gorgeous. I wanna braid Sammy’s like that!

Louisa from She Does the City, new BFF.


Anyone know what band was playing on top of the Amex Lounge?

I met Erica Ehm aka Yummy Mummy Club & her lovely husband. She Tweeted our pic and said “here comes trouble“. She was very nice and I told her how I loved her on MuchMusic when I was a kid 🙂

Neat to Molson Amp. it so full them magically empty in a flash.

The end.

Beerfest 2011, The Sheepdogs, Sunshine & Rain

Welcome to the Social Media Lounge.

Turned out great cause we had food & beer service inside our lounge with a roof over head. Considering how hard it rained here & there, appreciated it heaps.

You get one glass like this to fill up with different beers. I had heaps of beer tokens and was the Suga Mama for my peeps. I surprisingly didn’t get drunk and was sober when I came home. Thankful for that. I’m growing up, clearly. I also love being Suga Mama.

My Converse at the start of the day. Crisp, white, cute.

My Converse now. Dirty, muddy, ruined.

Sheepdogs chilled in our lounge for a bit. ET Canada was there doing stories.

I love guys who look like Jesus. I’m not religious but that look has me hooked like Sunday morning.

Nice meeting you babes. You’re gonna be huge. These pix are for you Mum!! Told them about you 🙂

Fan girls.

(fatal attraction to cuteness)

Top of the Budweiser Big Rig! Spent lots of time on that thing last year at BudCamp. Saw a bunch of my BudCamp babes around too. Not confirmed if I’ll be there again this year.

Here comes the rain. We got drenched. It was AWESOME. Everyone was swayin’ in the crowd singing along to the Sheepdoggies. It was very rock-festivally.

Dear God, yes please.

With a side of bass.

Party on Wayne. Sheepdoggy Style.

Front row.

Shan, check that beardo brother in the background! haha Sick stache buddy. Whatever happened to the Beardo Brothers anyways? I loved those guys. (I checked, they’re like, old now.)

This is only a selection of photos I took of these guys. They are for my, uh, personal collection.

Hey B-ROCKlyn. Olympus PEN cam, ILU!

Thanks to TorStar for the brolly. Comics FTW!

Wearing KINI was such a SMRT idea. Not my first rodeo festival.

The Trews! (How did I not know they were babes too? Duh.) I love rock n’ roll (Britney).

Thanks Jonathan for hooking up the CASIE discount code. About 120 people used it to get into Beerfest and it was a wicked time. Next year I’ll wear my Wellies.

Please remember to drink responsibly 🙂

so many girls on one bus when we went to bud camp

Saw the Busweiser rig at the Indy today. This thing turns into a truck and drives across Canada going to fun places.

I went to Bud Camp last year. It was so much fun. Drove up on the Bud Bus with Carly & the Bud Girls.

&baconstrips &baconstrips &baconstrips &baconstrips

Omg Seriously. The Biz Media Epic Meal Time last night was epicly awesome. Say hello to the Bacon Volcano. Bacon strips & cheese & bacon strips & bacon strips.

Chocolate bacon cake.

Big thanks to the lovely miss who brought the Tums. I’m thankful for you.

Was a beautiful night for a patio party.

Biz Media consistently throws the best parties. Wicked crowd there last night. Heaps of people I knew & lots I didn’t. Makes for a fun time, I love meeting new people.

The man who delivers me a dozen bacon roses. ILU. These were so tasty.

Heaps of props for the photobooth. The photos are gonna be so funny. Bacon in the tree too.

Bacon everywhere actually.

I missed this one but wow, probs was delish.

Epic Meal Time guys are rad. This one is so huge, like giant. I want one of those &baconstrips shirts guys. Fo realz.

Thank you to the Biz Media team & Guy Gal. You know mama loves you.

Heaps of friends in this crowd.

I’ve never seen/ate so much bacon at one time.

We really got into it too.

Two girls, one bacon.