My Pearly Whites

Today I received a nice little package of Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips from my friends at Matchstick.
I read the instructions and excitedly put the strip on my teeth. I am wearing it now. It tingles a bit and tastes like mint. A very ‘Listeriney ‘ (made that one up!) taste.

It seem like it is kinda dissolving, it takes about 10-15 minutes. I’d like to use the strips all day and make my teeth uber white, super fast. I really need to find a Toronto Dentist now I think about it! I’m due for a visit.
I remember I fell asleep with a Crest strip on once. I woke up, had a glass of water and screamed, my teeth were SOOOOOO sensitive. I surely do not recommend sleeping with white strips on. It hurts.

My teeth are already pretty white so I’m not sure how the strips will work on me. Maybe my teeth will start glowing! One of my friends had her teeth whitened at a Dentist Fort Wayne so we have been sharing teeth whitening tips. Hopefully mine will be as bright as hers one day. That would be awesome. Maybe if I had kept my teeth in good condition from the start and had followed advice from my dentist in Glen Rock, perhaps I wouldn’t be in need of the strips but here we are…

Now my teeth are looking a little whiter, I have been seriously contemplating treating myself to some Invisalign aligners. I have always wanted straighter teeth and therefore I think that now could be the right time to do something about it. An old colleague of mine who lives in Arizona recently had her Invisalign fitted by a Dentist in Yuma so I might have to ask her for some advice.

For now though, despite the sensitivity, I am happy with the results of my strips. However, I would love some strips with sparkles in them. Wouldn’t that be lovely!

The goop on my teeth is still there and feels squishy. It’s not so bad though. I think these guys are a-ok!!

Thanks Blog T.O.!! Together we did it!!

Live Kangaroos in Nightclub Averted

Blog TO posted the following on July 26, 2008:

Tonight’s This Is Australia event at Richmond St. nightclub This Is London promises to “transform London into the outback” with DJ Chris La Roque’s outback mash-up sounds, a chance to win a trip to Australia and… live kangaroos?

blogTO reader Michelle Palmer brought this event to our attention via a Facebook thread (MY NOTE!!!!) initiated by her animal-loving friends. A number of people contacted the club, organizers and animal rights groups such as PETA, protesting the planned appearance of live kangaroos, which would have been caged around the club premises.

I spoke with This Is London’s Sherry Rampersaud, who confirms that “the club has reconsidered and there will be no kangaroos at tonight’s event.” Party organizers INK have not responded as of press time.

Activism is not usually the main reason why people sign up on online networking sites, but it is good to know that social and ethical issues are being addressed alongside who’s poked who and who’s in an open relationship, whether the actions of the thread members and their friends were directly involved in the organizer’s final decisions or not.