signs the season has turned

Girls without jackets. Holding hands and acting gay/happy.

Long walks at lunch.  St.Patrick’s Day sunshine & green dresses.

Bikes, reading outside.

Black Bull patio is a serious PARTIO!

Crazy busy today. Just got a little hair cut at lunch. Popped by to see Darren, he’s opening a new bigger location and I have something exciting to tell you about  him in the next couple days. BTW, if you need to get a new spring style, go see him and tell him I  sent you (20% discount).  Our Blog Stars seminar is tonight and I’m stoked. Looking forward to sharing things I’ve learned & done of the past 5 years. You can get tickets at the door but we’re almost full so you might wanna get yours online like, now.

Beauty out there today. Went for a nice walk at lunch & LOVED IT. This sunshine just makes my life 🙂

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