get ready to sign your name here lady OR gentleman…

I’m in a charity auction for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. There are 20 people in the whole auction.  I have no idea who the other girls are but, I do know you will be able to bid on bloggers  Zach Bussey & Dan Levy and young darling Brock McLaughlin. Maybe I will find a date myself? Remember when Scar Jo sold a date on e-bay for charity? That was kinda hot, wonder how much she went for? Oh y’know, about $40,000 USD! Let’s hope I break $100. The event is hosted by Ally & Dani from the Girls of TO blog and all proceeds to the Heart & Stroke Foundation. See the press release here. I was on a skipping team for the H&S when I was in Primary school so when they asked, I totally said yes. I’m nervous but mostly about what I am going to wear. Ah! Highest male & female bidders from the audience get Nella Bella bag (my fav!) and a $100 bar tab covered by Sleeman Brewery. Let’s hope someone is sharng that with me at the end of the night ok 😉 Date:February 10, 2011. Doors  8PM. Location: The Hideout, 484 Queen…

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holy effing elf shit, it’s december already!

Doesn’t it seem like January was just the other day? Urgh. Well, anyhooters… Feeling positive and ready for the new month. I just got this new stuff in the mail from Givenchy… I can’t wait to test out all these goddies…The mascara is blue/purple. The shadow is black/metallic. The gloss is pink/sparkley.  Yes, I love. (love blogging!) It felt like Christmas at the office yesterday, two bags were delivered and one big one with goodies for Heart for the Holidays on Friday. Remember to get a ticket, if you can’t come then make a donation, and lets all have a good time. I’ll be one of Santa’s little helpers doing good deeds and drinking holiday eggnog juice. I keep all the fragrances out so the girls can try them when they come over. This one was an instant hit. At first spray is citrussy and refreshing then once you let it sit on your skin for a few, it’s gorgeous. It’s right up there with Givenchy Play that I also wear (even though it’s for men). Good holiday gift idea: Available at shoppers until March only and it $60 for the 50ml. I have a fragrance gift set to give…

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TGIF: Twitter, Google, Internet, Facebook

That’s my day in a nutshell, everyday. I read about TGIF in an article from Ad Age this week.  It’s lovely outside and my day is busy, busy, busy. Some Tweetness in my day: The Agenda & LA Times blog editor Tony Pierce recommended you follow me on Twitter. Blogging babe Lisa aka Urban Native Girl wrote for a magazine. Raymi’s in the Torontoist. New word: Framilies Thanks for comments BTW, don’t stop. It’s nice to get feedback. You come and look and read and laugh and when you comment it’s like giving back. Ok bye for now. #TGIF

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