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I tried to chase the subway…..and I don’t recomend it.

This one time, after a few drinks (don’t you love these stories), I tried to catch the subway.
Like, litterally, I tried to catch it by chasing it……
I didn’t catch it.
But it was truly entertaining, thats for sure.

Foot in Mouth, A Case of

So, Roxy totally put her foot in her mouth this time.
She thought her sister was beside her and made a silly fat joke.
But instead, there was a big fat lady there…..whoopsy!!

Prefessional Dancers!!! REAL DANCE

My sister is in school for professional dance.
Her and George, our friend can dance so good.
This is them dancing to Sean Paul, ‘Breakout’.
They are REALLY GOOD though, seriously.

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To smoke or Not to Smoke? That is the Question here……….


Roxy says: ‘lets kill another smoke’ with a deadly mean laugh

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Casie says: smoking is ‘so fucking cool’
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