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i’m not down w/ these regulations

Woke up and went to my computer like usual. Check twitter, email and guess who showed up… this guy:

Luckily for us, the CRTC has been asked to reconsider billing rules. I really hope that they big ISP (internet service providers) don’t go through with UBB (user based billing). Just think about all the creative people and entrepreneurs that are running some of the coolest businesses on a shoestring budget and rely on the internet? Bye-bye.

Megan has the same dreams as me and all the other nerds, unlimited internet!!

Considering how much time I spend on the interwebs, I’d be BROKE and lookin’ at this all the time instead of sharing sunshine & awesomism with you.

For those of you waiting to find out WHO won the Freestyle Friday contest. I’ll post this afternoon. There were SO MANY great entries. Thank you, you guys are AWESOME.

In other news, I’m going to LA & SF Virgin America soon since I’ve got a few flights to use up before they leave YYZ April 6th. You wanna go to California too? The Z-List has a blog contest where you can win a round trip flight on Virgin America. Contest closes Thursday, March 3rd and all you have to do it BLOG. Check it out hurrrre.

Stay warm today, looks cold out there! Sending thoughts & prayers to my friends/family & their friends/family in Christchruch. I stayed up late watching coverage. There’s a good dashboard of activity about the quake here.

yesterday on twitter, this happened:

treat everyone like they’re your double rainbows

Today is Family Gay Day in Ontario, I love my family but I wil not be seeing them today in real life. Dad is tanning in Florida, Mum is rockin’ the boat in Bahamas and my sis is working. The rest of my family is in New Zealand. HI GUYS!!

In parts of Canada, Family Day is a statutory holiday occurring on the third Monday in February. … respectively. This corresponds with Presidents Day in the United States. [wiki]

Mum is living the dream right now, she’s in the Bahamas with her BF on their boat. I really wanna get out to visit her before May. Mum has alwasy beena big inspiration to me. She always encouraged me to be creative and embraced my unique ideas. THANKS MUM!

This is my Daddio, he’s in Florida with his GF right now. Dad builds hot rods, is a good cook, and has the BEST jokes. I have no idea how he always remmber them. You are really awes  awome Dad, ILU. Wear sunscreen.

When I saw the snow coming down last night I kept checking the window to see if there was a man out there with a shovel carving a message. I had a feeling I might wake up to something… I did.

“treat everyone like they’re your double rainbows”

This is me in that red canoe you can barely see in above photo shot by Erin Leydon this summer. She was shooting the Grammy’s last week.  I’m so looking forward to summer this year.

The park beside the Canoe is real pretty, designed by Doug Coupland and pays tribute to Terry Fox. Lots of bright colours.

I’m in awe with all the contest entries for the Motorola phone. Contest closes at 1pm. I totes need to think of a good idea for this week’s Freestyle Friday contest.

Each photo links to the creator. Check this beach/show photo! That’s dedication yo.

Shariya wrote a blog post about making this photo and the beach one. Check it here.

Got some love from R.S. a charming waitress at Real Sports.

This is a collage of mini photos of me. RAD!

This hot babe is Slinka, her and James (below) are Ego Assasin and they make really rad outfits out of latex. Hope to do some cool stuff with them this year.

Rarrrr. I got TWO shirts off entries for this contest, me thinks this idea is a WIN. Nice one James. Love the latex tie!