my girl roxy is soo cool.
she comes over to my desk and has dance parties with me for a break.
she can dance so good, she has wikked moves dude.
she is shown here doing the famous ‘simple life dance’.

sana saaa sana saaaaa sana saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
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casie stewart is so cool

roxy my friend drew this beautiful photo of me.

She thinks I am so cool that I can make your Nona’s Mou Mou look cool.
Thats HOT!
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Winter Bluesy

Sitting here feeling warm
Watching the sun shine on my arm
Without a job I have more time
The cost is starting to cross the line
Do the chores clean the house,
This place is quiet as a mouse!
The snow is melting outside the door
As winter passes like the year before.
Many changes the year has brought
Many lessons have been taught.
Back to the kitchen to make a meal,
Wearing an apron & stiletto heels

12/5/2005 12:36 PM

Watch for Starlet

Young and beautiful
Smart and cute
Sneaky and coy
Outgoing and obvious
Polite and honest
Soft and subtle
Wiling and able
Young and foolish

Watch for signs
Lying and deceiving
Heartless and cold
Thoughtless and rude
Sluttish and bitchy

Here and there,
Sometimes like you.

Spring Love

Acutely Ironic
A bird writes a sonnet
Sings the sonnet
Out of tune
Across the river
To a loon

Breathe and surf

Take it in

Ocean pearl

Sandy feet

Salty skin

Running back and forth

Feel the sun

Burning down

Ride it in

Take me out again