yesterday on twitter, this happened:

  • Why did the walrus go to the tupperware party? To get a tigh seal. #
  • OH "i'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotoby" haha #
  • my humble… (@ Abode Public Residence TIFF) #
  • “@jessepace: Mubarak just keeps hanging on. So clingy. I bet he would make a terrible boyfriend. #Egypt

can’t start a fire, you can’t start a fire without a spark

Saw my boyfriend yesterday. Was out and about around downtown and ran into him on the street.  Love when he calls me ‘doll’.

I love this cover by these two. They’ve got such a great sound.

Hadn’t been to the Eaton Centre in ages. Saw a few of these around: Are people using FB checkin’ that much? I guess so.

Apple store self promo as usual haha.

Red hair mannequins, how cute

This is the phone I am giving away next week. I’ve got more than one and they are from Motorola Canada on the Rogers Network. Value $424. Good steal there.

Canoe see it?

Got some serious hookups from Reebok Canada yesterday and took my new Easy Tone kicks for a stroll. Pretty comfy & nice. Interviewed a fitness model & trainer and that will be up soon on “interview w/ casie“.

Found this one the ground. Hung it on a tree for everyone to see.

Was behind this dude at Sobeys. He had a window washing gear so I reckon he’s squeegie kid. Funny enough, he has no clue now to spell ‘anal sextherapy’. Is that even a thing? haha

Going through these today and diggin up oldies from the vault. So much brain power and years of memories.

Got this new parfum in the mail from Givenchy Canada this week. Smells pretty good. Claw is necklace pendant from Nick Von K a New Zealand designer. I picked it out during NZFW.

Snow last night from my window, was hoping to wake up to a winter wonderland

Alas, there was hardly any snow down there.

Did you see Rob Ford declared it official Bob Marley Day on Sunday? He did. Toronto is a pretty forward thinking city in terms of decriminalization, nice to see the Mayor decriminalize Mr. Marley. My Tweets ended up in this little video about it.

wanna escape this cold to CALIFORNIA? my pleasure!

Ladies & gents, by this time it’s not news to anyone that Virgin America is leaving Toronto April 6th. We’re sad to see them go but that doesn’t mean there’s not still time for you to to have your own Virgin experience in the sky.

We’re about to get a MAYJAH in storm with extreme cold & GASP…up to 30cm of snow. Doesn’t this Cali weather look damn good now?


We’ve got a couple flights to give away during Social Media Week (Feb. 7-11) including the GENYTO party on Feb. 11th. Get your tickets here and make sure you’re there for chance to win a round trip.

I’ve also got a flight giveaway with I’ll be blogging that on my zlist blog later this week but in the mean time you can sign up right hurre.

Remember Toronto, Sir RB gave me the official thumbs up and I will always be your Provocateur. Have a great day. I’m off to an audition then to the GYM! 🙂

P.S. AnI’m off to an auyone else having trouble with WordPress today. I posted a lil’ message for WP on tumblr. hehe

yesterday on twitter, this happened:

  • this one for sure “@liztrinnear: Justin Bieber look # 3” #
  • careful what you wish for #
  • “@nympsam: Want to create an app that makes people's faces look old? "Instagramps" You're welcome.” haha #
  • cutting is the first step. #sewing #
  • Love that postal service outfit on #thebachelor I wanna wear that. #
  • omg so many notifications on FB. wtf am i tagged in now. #
  • yoga, byeeeeee! #
  • joomla. eww. #
  • RE: Yaaaay! Love it. #
  • moving into Charlie Sheen's 'special' house. #
  • californicCASIEtion #
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