Working hard to make the cash 

Afternoon with a little hash 

Kitchen table once again 

Comes in handy now and then 

Recording time in a note 

Keeps me high so I can float

brock rock!!!!!!!! yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa

i love broc. it is so good in my tummy. leafy greens.

Brock Rock is a band of broc’s. they are hot.
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smelly tuna

today at lunch ian was opening his tuna can and juice sprayed out like mad all over his t-shirt. now ian is a smelly tuna boy for the rest of the day.
mmmm sexy! ahaaha.

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first post ever

My name is Casie.
This is a photo of myself on a beautiful sunny day.
I love the sun so much.
I also like dancing and drawing.

Today is a beautiful day.
I am working all day but after work…..LOOK OUT SUN HERE I COME!!

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more than myspace will ever be.

”she’s gonna grow up and write a book about you”

I remember when I was a kid and someone saying to my mother, “she’s gonna grow up and write a book about you if you’re not careful”.

This book is about everything. All of me. I’m choosing today to finally put together my second book. I wrote my first book entitled JEANS, An Anthology of Poetry & Prose in 1996. It was co-written with a now distant friend and we published it ourselves at the age of 14. I figure that if I could do that at 14 then I can definitely do this now. I had taken time away from my writing for a period of approximately six years. Until, one day while sitting in on a friends class in university I began writing again. I was inspired. I was inspired by the room, the professor, and by the people around me whom I did not even know. It was as if I had been reborn and shed a new light on the world. It was back, never lost, I started writing again. Suddenly, I needed to express my thoughts. And so my pencil ran on paper twill and I just couldnt stop it. I have spent the last few years composing this compilation of my work. I have traveled, and matured greatly over the last few years, which has brought out some truly passionate writing. This book is a collection of short stories, poetry, and prose, which are all original works of art by me. I hope that you can enjoy this book and share it with friends the way that I have shared it with you.