her eyes make the stars look like they’re not shining

This week I got these darling little earings from Charity Diamonds. They’re 10k gold studs covered with Swarovski crystals and come in a bunch of colours. I chose black, cute eh?

Charity Diamonds a Canadian jewelry company that sells conflict free jewelry and donates 50% of it’s proceeds to charity. Pretty rad considering diamonds are a girls best friend and giving to charity makes it that much better.

Lucky for YOU they are giving away a couple pairs of Swarovski crystal Firecracker earrings ($79) before Valentine’s day.

To enter:

Tweet @sparkleforlife & hashtag #CharityDiamonds with the color you want to win!

Shine on my friends!

Still in love with this song BTW…

there is no time like now to create the life you want

Gettin’ some ish done today. Woke up feleing kinda urgh but then I though about all the things I have to be happy about and was like “WTF Casie? Snap out of it.” There’s no need for that kinda ‘wah wah’ attitude around here. (That goes for YOU too, ok!)  This is one of my fav songs to listen to when walking around and especially on the subway. It’s long and calming, really good thinking music. Too bad it’s not on itunes. Doh!

Isn’t it incredible that someone or something can make you feel able to achieve anything? It’s like the whole world is supporting you; the world is waiting for you. Someone believing in you, that feeling right there is incredible.  It is all you need. I hope you feelin’ the love today.

these things shoot out from in my head, my ideas run like flow

True to my goal, I’ve been going through my old hard drives and digging up heaps of files containing essays, poerty, prose and more. Makes me feel really excited. I love writing and I’m doing more, well, more than just ‘blogging’ which has kinda taken over my time. I’ve been telling myself I want to publish another book for way too long now and I am derermined to do it. That’s why I’m telling YOU.

You can be part of it by asking, reminding me, making me think about it. It’s going to be a second anthology of poetry, prose & short stories. All pieces I’ve wrtten from the last 10 years. There will be some photos and it will be nice looking. My goal is to do it because I don’t want life to pass by with all this written work locked in digtal form within a metal box. I want to have them bound together in my hand. It would be a shame if they never got to feel your eyes and touch your heart, they like the attention.

The title of this post is this one:

I don’t know, I don’t know?
My ideas run like flow!
Why these things come out my head?
These things for long have been dead.
The water ran so quickly then,
And to life they come once again!

yesterday on twitter, this happened:

  • Why did the walrus go to the tupperware party? To get a tigh seal. #
  • OH "i'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotoby" haha #
  • my humble… (@ Abode Public Residence TIFF) http://4sq.com/fAHlpo #
  • “@jessepace: Mubarak just keeps hanging on. So clingy. I bet he would make a terrible boyfriend. #Egypt