i’m in the wall street journal.

Read it here. This is a summary of what it’s about:

social media week has started and i am social me.

Heard some people from Roots Canada talk about social media this morning. It was a great talk for retailers or brands who are just getting into social media.

Keri & I didn’t stay too long. I get antsy and have a hard time listening to a topic when I have so much to say about it. Tonight it’s a different story, I get to have a say.

I’m in a debate on brands & social media at the Mill Street Brewery. The event is hosted by Wikibrands a book written by my friend Sean Moffit and Mike Dover about “Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace”. They like Wordles just like me.

Who knew social media would take over in all kinds of industries around the world? It’s amazing.  I talking about love brands, social media & the people behind them. This is the second year of Social Media Week & you can see the schedule for Toronto here. This week for me is full of events & people talking about something I love, heaps of familiar faces and lots of new people.

Keri & I cruised the downtown underground this afternoon and rode the streetcar. I got a My Little Pony in my Happy Meal at McDonalds too. I’ve been eating way less maccas BTW 🙂

Did you know Toronto’s streetcar system is one of the few in North America still operating along street-running tracks and has been operating since the mid-19th century. We are a cool city.

AND, did you know that VW commercial I posted yesterday from the Super Bowl. Guess who the little kid is? Victoria & JT’s son Reed from the Young & the Restless.  You know how much I love that show. What a cute kid. Here’s a snip-it:

Ok, clock is ticking, time for me to get ready for the Wikibrands event. What does a doll wear to a mass debate? ( hehe, I am 12)

If you see me say HI. If you don’t see me there, hope you have a good night.

I Touched The Sky.

I looked at all the things on lifeexperiences.ca and really wanted to do something I’d never done before…so I did!

I went on a helicopter tour of downtown Toronto!

I was nervous for a few minutes but I can’t even imagine chickening out, I live for that nervous excited feeling. Here we go…

So pretty our city, even with a blanket of snow. I reckon doing this in the summer would be just delightful. All the trees, the lake and water looking so nice.

I can see my house! Was so neat to fly over downtown, take it all in from a different perspective.  We got pretty close to the CN Tower too. I was told they often get people planning proposals, especially this time of year.

Lifeexperiences.ca has so heaps of adventures to pick from ex. drive a race car, visit a castle,  massages, spa packages, golf, wine tasting and beer school. You can even book a segway and be like Justin Bieber. (Please tell me if you do that! haha)

I think this kinda thing makes a great gift. All the stuff ranges from under $50 to ultimate experiences like attending Cannes Film Fest worth over $10,000. I gave away a $50 voucher in December. I’m sure you’ve seen the gift cards at Shoppers or Walmart,  and perhaps will pick one up when shopping for your valentine.  😉 *cough, cough*

Hey look up, that’s where I was flying!

Today marks the first day of Social Media Week around the world. I’m up and off to the Ted Rogers School of Management for The Evolving Role of Social Media in Retail.

Have an awesome day!

a long, long time ago i can still remember how that music used to make me smile

Watched the Banksy movie last night, Exit Through The Gift Shop. What an awesome documentary that was. The ‘hoax’ controversy that surrounds it makes it that much more interesting to investigate online. I love that stuff.

One day you will watch my documentary and wonder if it’s true. I will brainwash you.

Thinking about making a stencil and talking my own art to the streets. You will know if you see it when you do. You know me.

These photos are all from tumblr people I follow, they are from the internet, that’s their source. I don’t own them, know them. Reblogged and passed on through bloggers around the world.

They all reminded me of summer, some place warm with someone special. Daydreaming.

You will never be younger than you are right now. Now. Now. Now, now now now…

I want one of these for my birthday please. Perhaps a tattoo so I can make it real?