i am slowly going crazy 1-2-3-4-5-6 #smwto

Quickest update ever: Heading to Sysomos event for Social Media Week. Last night at #whatthehashtag I met this amazing girl who lives at the event space. Robot party is gonna be there. Must hurry, cause I don’ wanna be late for this. Have a contest with new phones to post this afternoon. Hope you are having an awesome day. ILU!!

yesterday on twitter, this happened:

two turntables and a microphone

Brock McLaughlin just posted this AWESOME pic. Love it.

It’s like meggggggga brrrr outside today. Took this with my new Motorola phone,  it takes pretty fancy photos (5 megapix).

In other news, check out THIS Hip & Urban Girl of the Week, MOI!

won a pink buddha for good debating. #swmt

Say hi to the babes, Keri, Brown Barbie, O’Nizz.

Oh you know who ate a few of these. (Clue: starts with CASE, ends in EEEEE)

Is social media more art or science? I debated ART.

To me, social media IS an art. Sure you can get ‘formula’ for peak times to tweet or try to follow a ‘method’ but that doesn’t mean shit if you’re not creative. If you’re not artistic with your message (whatever or wherever it you’re selling it), people ain’t gonna buy it. You will be more successful in this new industry if you take risks and be artistic. Everything I have done/do to build my brand is driven by creativity.

Debate winner: Rob Campbell aka @smojoe!

We didn’t win the mass debate but we DO have cool blogs.

michaelnus.com | this girl| keriblog.com

I’m talking about #roboTO at this very moment. Look at that passion. It’s a party coming up that I started so we can all make robot costumes and have fun. Stay tuned. That’s how I won the final round of the debate.

There was a creepy dude at the end that hijacked the whole conversation and mentioned 3D p0rn. So weird. Mugshot here.

Sabrina looked at me from across the room and said “I want the pink buddha”. Then I won it for her. She derves it. He’s at our house laughing right now.

This is so very cute, girl had a nice outfit. Proud of you Moffitt, brother.

Look at everyone smiling in this photo. That’s good stuff right there.

Then we went home and had a girl party.

In other news, THIS pretty much makes MY LIFE. Click to open this in a new window and prepare to be amazed.