Hey Peeps! GenYTO is tonight at Lee’s Palace. You can get tickets at the door. If you want to get one before go here. There will be a couple bands performing including Prince Perry & The Gladtones.

I’ve got a few flights to give away from Virgin America too! Come out, meet people, network and have fun. This is the PERFECT way to close out Social Media Week 2011!

See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!

yesterday on twitter, this happened:

i’m on tv today. does anyone even watch rogers daytime?

Today I’m on Rogers Daytime (again, HA!) for the Love a Heart Auction for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Show is on at 10am & 3pm. The auction is tonight and it’s gonna be hilariously fun/awesome. The whole group of 20 that are being auctioned off are a hoot; they’re are good looking with a sense of humor. What more can you ask for? Not much.

The peeps being featured on ‘daytime’ today are Brock McLaughin and I along with Ally & Shannon who are running the auction/event.

Babe #1

Babe #2

I’m stoked to have been chosen, mostly because I’ve wanted to be in an auction since Saved By the Bell/90210. I’m wearing a gorgeous dress made by Kingi at Peach Berserk JUST for this event.  Ah, celebrity…..I kid I kid. Did you know that the Peach Pit (aka Peach Berserk) makes custom dresses AND wicked custom prints. You can print a silk with your name/face and make a whole outfit. Not even joking.  I am so in love with the shop (hence why I always tell you about it!).

Honestly though, I hope one of you reading this thinks “I wanna go on a date with Casie Stewart, I’m gonna make a bid“.  I’m super fun to hang out with, you can ask around. Srsly. Oooh BTW, you can also win a bag from Nella Bella and some other stuff. I think there will be lots of babes there. Valentine anyone?

If you bid on me and you win, I will put your name on my arm for the night.

P.S. I was mentioned on yesterday, that huge business site for business people and such. You better BELIEBE that they said “social media elite”. This week is social media week but it feels like social ME week! (Ok, that’s cheese I know.)  See the article by clicking image. It’s pretty interesting 😉

it was day 40 yesterday