this makes me very happy

My clean room is so incredibly sunny today. Can I tan through the windows? It sure feels like it. Oh summer, I miss your love.

They’re back together. She got her Ken. I told you love was in the air. #swoon

Happiness: Mum, a good fortune and the eight of hearts. Eights & hearts are my fav.

I got a bouquet of tights from the spring line for Secret Legwear yesterday. THANK YOU!  I’ve been wearing tights Secret sent me all winter and to be honest, they have lasted, washed & worn really well. Casie stamp of awesomism!

Considering I hardly EVER wear pants, getting these is HUGE for me. Shared a pair with my darling roomie @itsbrownbarbie. Things are better when shared, happiness for you, for you, for you, for EVERYONE!

Was given a very special painting yesterday wrapped in this very special paper. I’m the luckiest girl in the world! Weeeeeee.

Since I demolished clothes mountain and turned my once closet back into a bedroom, I’m finding all kinds of  gems that were hiding. Did you know I was nominated for a YTV Achievement Award in 1996?

It was the first award show I ever went to. I saw Robyn, met Nick Lachey (w/ 98 degrees) and didn’t end up winning. It was an honour to be nominated 😉 Pretty much nothing online about them now, it was before internet was really mainstream.

The reason was nominated was for that book I wrote. I found these articles in the same portfolio. My first time in the Toronto Star:

Hockey Hall of Fame & NHL star Darryl Sittler came all the way to Cambridge from the big city to present this award to myself and co-author. Young Entrepreneur of the Year 1996:

That very photo was in every phone book in the city and what a diva I am wearing leopard print. Haha, I kill me. [insert laugh here]

My heart’s on fire with the Ken & Barbie news. They really are perfect for each other. We’re perfect for each other too. Soak up the sun today, it will make you happy.

love is in the air

Mmm, chocolate cake. Happy Birthday Joelle!

This one if from Joelle’s camera.

And this one captures a very serious conversation…total ‘OMG’ face on me.

Back to my camera for some more real talk. Uh, pardon me? Omg.

Hmmm, someone taking photo with shaky hand. Bad romance.

Vodka/water/strawberry, good for sipping. Light, refreshing, hydrating and will keep you from hangover given you don’t go crazy.

Joelle had this gorgeous dress with a fringe on the arms, look closely. Totally in love with fringe. Fringe everything.

Hearts on everything too. I have two different heart tattoo’s in case you were wondering. Both on right arm, one pink, one red.

Nice surprise to see you there Simon. Goo work on the tunage and fun times. Your date was a babe.

borderline the girl artistic borderline artistic borderline is borderline artistic feeling borderline artistic borderline artistic borderline her borderline borderline artistic heart artistic artistic borderline on artistic borderline artistic borderline artistic fire.

All these snowflakes are full of love & light.

Mum collected all these heart photos on her sailing trip to the Bahamas. She sounds so happy when I talk to her. Imagine living there on a boat right now. Bliss.

When I see a heart shape in something I always think it’s a sign she’s watching out for me. For example, this sweet potato tempura heart. Yum one, Mum!

The more love you give the more love you have. If you need some it’s right here for you.

Ok byeeeeeeee. Valetines night get ready time. xo

#GENYTO #SMWTO party photos

Friday night at Lee’s Palace was great fun. Thank you to everone who came out. I love seeing so many good looking familiar faces & meeting new ones.

Many thanks to Marcel aka @mdee14 for being my photog for the night. Pictures look great, see the full set on Facebook.

You can tell which photos in this post are from my wee little camera. 😉 Ex. 1, 2, & 3.

Sheldon you look hot, Lisa too.

SMWTO stickers by Sticker You. I need some stickers, pronto. Any of you remember/have my OLD stickers?

Back stage for Prince Perry‘s show. BTW if anyone wants to go to their show on Feb. 25th, LMK. I got your guestlist.

Gave away a couple flights on Virgin America as your Virgin Toronto Provocateur; one to a GenYTO ticket buyer, one to a Social Media Week Volunteer, third to a fan of the band Prince Perry & the Gladtones.

Winners were Ava Zack, Kayla McQueen & Natalie Taylor.

This game takes me back to highschool so bad, love it.  I’d like to play more often, who has a table??

Once there was no more dealing with capacity issues  & everyone could get in, I gave myself a thumbs up…

…and had a beer. Afan you are a party animal, I like it.

If anyone wants to get involved with our GenY initiatives in some way, please email me. We have a tumblr GenYTO and if you would like to contribute content related to young entrepreneurs or cool internetty stuff, let me know that too.

The next GenYTO will be in the spring and it will be HUGE. Keep an eye on the hashtag for other cool stuff until then.

Have a great day,

can’t buy me love

8am, no problemo. Smilin’ & stylin’ in the sunshine w/ Brock before going to Rogers Daytime show. I’ve not seen it yet, I can’t seem to find it, PRV recorded a totally different Daytime show. Oh well. It was 2 seconds NBD.

TV time, duck game face.

This little one’s mama was on TV and she was pointing and saying “mama” to the TV. It was adorable. I hope my kids get to say that one day (my own show prefered just for the record).

Somebody was here…

Ally & Shannon chatting up the auction & Nella Bella live. I’m creepin.

HI MUM! Hope you are loving the Bahamas, I’m just going on TV and being in the WSJ, nothing too out of the ordinary going on here. Miss you xo

On the way home I saw this stylish lady in Yorkville waiting for the bus. Fur coat, big glasses, black lipstick. Gaga in 30 years, minus waiting fr the bus. (or not? No.)

Valentights. Lover tights. Love you long leg time.

Saw this from Virgin Mobile, for your valentine. Reminded me of this one time in grade school, I wrote a MEAN valentine to a boy who liked me, it was grade 4.

I made it myself and on the inside in hard pencil it said “I HATE YOU”. I signed my name. I got in big trouble. Like huge. Who sign’s their OWN name? Duh.

Anyhoo, came home to this huge package from Netflix Canada. So nice, thanks guys!

Slippers, free Netflix subscriptions and all kinds of score cards/bingo for the upcomingOscars. Who is coming to my Oscar party/joining my cult?

Getting mail is one of my favourite parts of my job. So is sharing it. I put together a few of these cards in packages and gave them away to my concierge, friends etc.

The dress I wore for the Love a Heart Auction was made by Peach Berserk.

Hot pink + silk screen printed with real hearts & heart monitor thingeys.

This is Kingi, she is the Peach Bersek leading lady.Twitter: @peachykingi.

You need to go into her shop, it’s the brighest most fun burst of colour, creativity & energy around. Especially THIS time of year. It will make your day, any day. Thank you Kingi for designing this dress just for me to wear that night. I love you.

Hi Raymi!

I sold for $350 which was part of the $8,000 that was raised that night. If I do that again I wanna go at the very end. There were lots of people, the band was great and it was really fun.

Post auction I changed into another Peach Berserk dress, one I had made a couple years ago in the Andy Warhol + Edie Sedgwick print. I love it. Love your jacket too @jgdnr.

I’m waiting on the photos from Friday’s GenYTO dance party fun-fest. Will post when I get them. I hope you are doing something special today to put love into your heart & head.

Happy Valentines Day xo