don’t pay attention to what they write about you

Stayed up late last night making something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. Kinda proud of it now that’s it’s more nice looking. Something that is always changing though!

Click the photo to see what I’m talking about. LMK what you think too 🙂

yesterday on twitter, this happened:

name that puppy

I recently had a chat with my good friend/hot babe musician Morgan Cameron Ross and asked him some questions. He’s a got a new album coming out and he just released the video for his new song “Let It Go”.

In the video the couple are trying to name their new puppy. I like “Winsome”.

Morgan has a contest on his FB Fan page. If suggest a name you can win a prize pack of Morgan stuff. Here’s some more info you won’t find about him anywhere else:

when is your next show? Saturday March 12th Supermarket, Toronto

what instruments you play? Guitar, Mandolin

cable or internet? Internet

currently reading? The Double by Jose Saramago

have any pets? Petunia Ross the stretchy cat and Cam Ross the pup.

what do you wanna be when you grow up? I want to continue being a songwriter.

stand out. get noticed. be remembered.

Feeling pretty inspired today. Found some writing from a few years back in my room last night. post-its, random papers, notebooks. Always makes me happy to find that stuff cause I can’t remember writing it and it’s like reading it for the first time.  I’m stil lin the process of rounding things up to make a book of awesome.

Sending out a couple invoices today also which is also a positive feeling. Before bed each night or when I wake up in the morning I set a couple goals for myself, I like to make lists. I find that setting small goals on the daily brings me closer to things I want to achieve in the long run.

What are you goaling for today?

Keep fit & have fun,

p.s. loooooove the Signature app for ipad as you may have noticed. Today’s is one of my fav’s so far.