the young and the restless

I wanted to wear the dress for ages. It’s so cute but short. Mum brought it back from the homeland a couple months ago. She made it when she was about 16 and Nana had it.  Raymi had this hat in her purse. Good one. I haven’t done a sneek attack like that in ages. I loved it. Recognize same face…haha. Lots of cool peeps were at the Notable TV party. We were all celebrating them being named Top 5 Emerging Digital Brands in Canada for 2009. Nice to see a bunch of bloggers. Love that too. Talia was looking hot! Her Sunshine girl photo is here. If you never saw mine from 2001, it’s here. I have a heap of photos from the night here.  Nice Raymi and Reado. Was a fun party. Marben is packed on Thursdays. It’s nice to run into so many familiar faces in one…

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she’s smart and sexy at the same time

When I was in Florida I met this adorable darling from Louisiana. She shocked me with what she does to fill up her time…I found it to be very interesting. Much different from my life in IT blogging away in Toronto. She’s working on a crazy Ph.D and also does fetish porn, similar to what you’d find if you would Browse around tubev sex for top quality Milf sex. I know! I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody that’s a doctor and that appears on sites like videos hd xxx in their spare time. So, I wanted to interview her. She has some crazy stories and she’s cute as a button. As I’m sure you can imagine, stories don’t get much crazier than a porn star’s. Maybe if she does cam sex in the future on a site like LiveJasmin, you can ask her about them yourself ( questions frequentes).…

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elsa taught me how to fly

Elsa got a new job as a Super Blogger and I was so happy for her.  She’s in NYC and lives the little rich girl lifestyle I dream of.  Aaah, one day! I drew this for her because I was so excited. She also mentioned something about appearing in an Net Opera. Sounds interesting & will have to inquire about that a little more. Tomorrow I have been asked to join forces with some of Toronto’s Top Social Media guru’s to be part of  the World Partnership Walk. I’m on a team called Toronto’s Legion of Social Media Super Heroes and we are fighting Global Poverty. The walk takes place in 9 cities in Canada, and is largest charity walk fighting Global poverty. The RedWire girls will be there as the RedWire Angels, Saul Colt will be there as Mr. Zoocasa, Stuart MacDonald (former founder of will come as…

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