"don’t want all this cold cold shit "

..’sing it now’ this just came on my tunes and oh, how I love this song. “Throw off your shirt and let’s get, Hot hot hot. We’ve never been, we’ve never been to the bridge, throw off your skirt and let’s begin the rock. I’ve been to all the places on the block(you can believe it, believe it or not) i like to rock , rock! i like to rock, rock!. Jump right in and in too deep. Throw off your towel and let’s get wet wet wet. Bermuda shorts are comin back to town throw off your pants and let’s begin the dance. I’ve been to i’ve been to all the beaches on the strip and you better believe this shit. I like to dip, dip (x2)

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I look away for a second The rush of the wave Approaches my towelCausing me to spring and moveOut of the way of the ocean When I lived at the beach I wrote all the time. It was so inspiring and free to be there, I wrote this in 2004 the pic is from Aquabumps. They have the best shots from Bondi and other amazing beaches. I always miss it when I see them but i’m also reminded of how great it is.

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