Jeans Publishing: Did you know I wrote a book when I was a teenager?

I was a young entrepreneur.

When I was 13, in grade 8, before I had internet, I started a publishing campany called Jeans Publishing with my friend Holly and the help of our Mums. We got funding to start our business and began taking on the DIY (do it yourself) circuit around Ontario attending conferences and seimnars on evenings and weekends.  We often set up a booth to talk about what we were doing and where we wanted to go. We though it was important for young people to have their work published, we were tired of people not taking us seriously just because we were youth. So, we did it ourselves.

We started a quarterly newsletter called Jeans Material where we published young peoples work and sent it out to out to over 100 subscribers across Canada. Each subscriber paid $5 for a one year subscription and we printed them all ourselves. We were official with our ISSN which allowed the identification of our serial publication.

We wrote an anthology of poetry and prose called JEANS and in 1996 I became a Published Canadian Author. Our book launch was at the Preston Library Branch on November 7, 1996 and we sold 81 books that night. One dollar from the sale of each book went to the local womens crisis shelter. This is me presenting the cheque. Don’t laugh at my bangs, there were horrible back then.

Jeans was an acronym that stood for Junior Education & Achivement Network System (tongue twister?). I’ve hunted around the internet to find stuff about it but it was so long ago, there’s nothing. (I’m sure newspaper archives exist.) Here’s what I have kicking around the house, most our stuff back at Mum’s tucked away.

We were in heaps of papers and it makes me feel really proud to look back at it. It was a really special and inspired time for me. I did some of my best writing ever back then. Highschool is hard and this gave me a creative outlet and kept me busy. We often spoke at promary school about the importance of reading, writing and following your goals

I was nominated for a YTV achievement award in the category of Writing. I got to go the ceremony and actually sat beside NicK & Drew Lachey from 98 Degrees.  I had NO idea who they were until they went on stage and waved at my sister and I. Robyn performed, she was great.

At 16, after heaps of involvement in the community and serving a year as PR Director for the City Youth Council, I was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the city of Cambridge. My school was given $1,500 for new computer equipment and Darryl Sitler presented the award at a ceremony.  I went on to wint he Miss Teen 1996 pageant and completed my three year term on the City Youth Council.

I really like helping people get following their dreams as mine have always inspired me. This past year, I was a mentor for Humber College’s Personal Brand Camp and a guest speaker at Mashable’s Social Media Day in Toronto. Next week I’m doing a webinar about personal branding for the Canadian Youth Business Foundation.

If you would like to check it out see their blog post here or sign up for the webinar. I promise not to be boring

look out world here i come! next destination is ____.

Tomorrow kicks off Toronto International Film Fest. Let the wild rumpus begin! I’m going to an opening party and screening tomorrow. I’m bringing arm candy and he’s young and cute. The next ten days are going to be insane. I need to stay focused and on track, I hate when I don’t adhere to my schedule. Although sometimes agressive, I try my best. I live by my calender these days. Without it, I’d forget everything.

Been doing some stuff recently with the lovely Keri. New blog coming soon for her. Haven’t you missed her internet?

Gearing up for New Zealand FW post TIFF. Organizing a Tweetup for Kiwi bloggers so we can all meet each other. Pretty stoked. I would really love to expand my relationships with international bloggers and visit more countries. There’s a huge designer garage sale on Saturday the 25th I’m hitting up with my cuzzie and Auntie. Stoked.

Was thinking day dreaming about where I’m going to travel to next and a friend told me about this rad contest Intrepid Travel is doing on Tuesday Sept. 14th. It’s a Treasure Hunt and they are hiding eight globes around Toronto and those who find get free trips in exotic/amazing locations like Peru, Morocco and some other cool places. Not to be rude but I hope you have to work or go to school cause I cleared my calendar on Tuesday so I can try and win one of these things!

It starts at 9am and they are giving away clues each hour on Twitter via @intrepid_travel, hashtag is #intrepidtreasure. If you find one they’re also giving vouchers for up to $1000 for your next trip with them. Helloooo! I can haz please?

I can just see myself blogging from this villa in Morocco….
“Hey, Juliooooo, bring mama a drink!!”

Must get ready for the day. Have a funny story to tell you about the new vacuum later. Sabrina and I almost died laughing about it today. Lemme just say, I should never work for the home shopping channel! One more thing, Notable TV just launchhed their 2010 Young Professional Fall Guide. Throw some of those events in your calendar and I’ll see you there!

Happy Tuesday. ILU xo

yesterday on twitter, this happened:

  • found my new girlfriends via @lynsieroberts #blog Acid Bleach Chic: Girls Girls Girls #
  • Eddie Cibrian is on Criminal Minds right now, he's a killer. Uhh, he could lock me in the basement & tie me up. Omg. He is so hot. #
  • haha someone also googled "FLYING SEXY NAKED GIRL PHOTOS" in caps and found my blog. lolling. #
  • someone googled: "shana tova stationery for outlook" and found my blog. nice one. #roshhashanah #
  • RE: @DeeRuby I have not been to The Counter yet but by your description, I need to get there and look stylish for the … #
  • he only likes me when i'm drunk. haha. RT @TourLife: She only likes me when I'm punk #
  • there is a totally amazing lightning storm over the lake right now. #
  • this thing need to come out and play again – twitter name shirt from 2009 #ftw #
  • ILU @SheenaSnively. GREAT seeing you last week, loved our sidewalk romp! #
  • omg #tiff10 starts tomorrow. outfits, parties, red carpets, movies, liver damage. love it. #
  • you can say that again. RT @gailmcinnes: IMDb is my best friend right now. #TIFF #
  • i love this week. so much fun happening all around #tiff10 #
  • urgh…@victornewman WHY ARE YOU RUINING THE WEDDING. #
  • Photo: me and my sister #
  • omg blogs, gay romance, love, scandal. i <3 the #yandr #
  • Photo: nedhepburn:Steve-O, Bam Margera, and Johnny Knoxville as Curly, Larry, and Moe. #
  • RE: thank you lovely. such a beauty time of year! #
  • wrote this walking on queen st w/ head down. dangerous. #
  • how do you define love these days? — what makes you happy. #
  • tell me one place in toronto that you could see yourself livi… — a two bedroom – one for me and one for my clothes. #
  • what is your favorite type of veggie these days, aside from celery sticks? — I love broccoli. #
  • how many cups of water do you drink each day? — Not enough but I say 750ml x3 at least. #
  • Sure is windy out there. #
  • I do not enjoy negotiating. Not fun for me. #
  • Been here since 11am, my hair is awesome and very high maintenance. (@ Darrek Kwik Studio) #
  • Personally I find pessimism & cynicism very unattractive. Don't bring that negative energy around me /via @BangsandaBun #truth #
  • :: … the BUCKLER S/S 11 collection is looking very __________. 😉 /via @aprilwozny #sexy #
  • if your only motivation in business is to make money you doing it wrong /via @alkarim #
  • Love the way the shaver thing feels sliding across my head. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz #
  • ~no more pencils, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks. /via @jacobjunior7 > school of life #FTW #
  • My kilt matches these socks too. Hmmmm. #
  • Feel the urge to wear a naughty school girl outfit today. #backtoschool #
  • Roots be gone! Just in time for #tiff & #nzfw Should I shave ther sides again? #
  • Morning world! En route to meeting then hair did by Darren Kwik. #
  • yo peeps @twournal, give mama an invite. me makey good tweets for book. we can sell on blog 😉 #
  • uh, google is being annoying right now. no clickey the image. #
  • DON'T you even joke about that. RT @AndrewBravener: The world will end when every last display picture on the web turns into Justin Bieber. #
  • on skype right now with @michaelnus AND his twin brother. oh yeah. same voice AND face. #
  • totally gonna be rockin' my leopard/black and & zebra/pink reversible @Bettykiss clutches at #NZFW #
  • I'd like to have a tweetup in NZ while at #NZFW You in Kiwi's? #

downtown where the hippies all go



Met a friend early for coffee, planning awesomism for 2011. Can you believe 2012 is just over a year away? Go live up your life man, might be over soon.

Got my hair done, back to blonde roots and trim. I love hair done day, Darren Kwik is my stylist. He is really good and he gives great style. He told me the other day that a girl came in and asked for “the Casie Stewart”. Love it. Let’s start an army, bloundetourage style.


Posting this via WordPress Mobile on Motorola Backflip from Telus. This phone is pretty rad, good photos, love the apps, have all my accounts hooked up so I stay connected. Big thanks to Telus and Motorola, I’ve been on the network since March and as a Telus first timer, I’m happy.


I’ve been typing this walking up Queen Street West and hardly looking up. Just about got clothes lined by a window washer lady with a bucket.  Suck it, I vacuumed earlier with the new unit. It’s nice. There are lots of babes in this city, eh? Girls and Boys, we are a stylish bunch Toronto. Yes we are.

11 days till NZFW. omg. the pressure is setting in!

yesterday on twitter, this happened: