Last night was fun. I was with Carly, Down With Webster boys, Brock, and some socialy types. Ran into Randall from MuchMusic & Matt the DWW boys stylist and other  cool people. These are my friends.


My babes.

Hey do you

DWW Kyle & his Mrs.


Carly reporting for Sean Ward.

I have no time today. I would love to lay in bed and watch TV but I need to be at the Four Seasons really soon then the gifting lounge at the other hotel and then the Hazelton for something else. After that I need to scoot home and change then meet my hot date who is in a band and take him as arm candy to the CBC big deal party at the Hazelton again. TIFF is tiring, this is only day 2. zomg. BYEEEEEEEEE!

yesterday on twitter, this happened:

see you on the red carpet my lovelies

This morning was great. I went to the Toronto Fashion Incubator and met Canadian Designer Paris Li. Thanks to my friend Jas Banwait who set it all up. I tried on three dresses. See the Twitpics here! Went with dress #3. It fit me so well and looked cute/classy. I’m planning to wear it to the opening party for NZFW. I leave in 9 days. Oh emm geee!

Getting ready to head to The Drake Hotel this afternoon for a TIFF party & movie. Meeting Carly & my guest,  Brock McLaughlin from The Futurists who is very close to becoming a new VJ for MuchMusic. I really hope he gets it. He will deff bring cool to MM!

Listening to YACHT (@teamyacht). They are great! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

YACHT – Summer Song from Jona Bechtolt on Vimeo.

stop fighting. i do not want you to fight at this show…

do you think i’m sexy?

Isn’t this a scary thought…four of ME! I was at the penthouse of the SOHO Met yesterday afternoon. Madonna stays there. It’s the sweetest pad I’ve seen in the city ever. Three floors w/ elevator, bar, library and private roof balcony lounge. Yes please.

I’m not a fighter. If you know me or almost know me you know that I’m not voilent, I like kindness. I like sharing and I like caring. Yes, I also love rainbows and unicorns too ok. Recently Lady Gaga stopped a show because some girls were fighting. Check it out:

SHANA TOVA! Today is the first day of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. I’ve gotten a bunch of people finding my site looking for ‘rosh hashana’ stationary & cards etc. someecards.com - Happy New Year to someone who occasionally abides by the lunisolar Hebrew CalendarI used to study Kabbalah for a bunch of years and celebrated the high holidays. I really loved the spirituality and things I learned. I’m not religious, I believe in the power of positivity, the universe, energy and I like the magic when the sun shines through the clouds.  I have a tattoo in Hebrew that of a chai or hai (life) and a heart beside it on my right wrist. You read Hebrew R-L and it says ‘love life’.

My friend Morgan shared this Anti-racism PSA that was released yesterday and created by his friend Karen Bliss created. It’s called The Girl With Pinhead Parents and has a bunch of Canadian cool kids including Nelly Furtado, Jully Black, Skye Sweetnam, LIGHTS, Chris Bosh, Jian Ghomeshi. The theme song is Matisyahu’s “One Day.” “One day this all will change,” he sings. “Treat people the same / Stop with the violence / Down with the hate.”

I’m happy to share it with you.

Mum set me this post card from PEI the other day. They survived the hurricane and are a-ok. I found it QUITE hilarious that they arrived at 4:20. Oh Mum, you have such a sense of humor! Love you.

I passed Shane West on the sidewalk by my house last night. Film Fest starts today. let the babe watch begin. I’m at the Drake later then possibly another event. I really don’t want to tucker myself out. Tomorrow is the big day for me. I get to hit up the Tastemakers gifting lounge in Yorkville and attend a few fancy parties. Lookin quite forward to it! This morning I’m scooting over to the Paris Li showroom to try on dresses for New Zealand Fashion Week. STOKED! I’ll Twitpic things as I  try them on so make sure you are following me on Twitter.

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yesterday on twitter, this happened:

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