you took something perfect and painted it red

A wee bit of stress is starting to sink in. I’m over film festing and focussed on New Zealand Fashion Week. I’m feeling quite artistic and looking forward to the plane ride. I love airports, people travelling. In my carry on I’ll have netbook, notebook, sketchbook, nintendo, pillow and blanket. Watched this little video again today, I think it’s so cute. Time lapse, I love.

I got a heap of clothes from Mark’s yesterday, yes, the Work Warehouse. You might be surprised how stylish. It was really fun trying on anything and everything before deciding on what I’d like to wear. One of my fav’s is this long black super soft cardigan. You can never have too many cardigans, perfect for all year. I got a pair of mom jeans, red gloves and grey leather riding boots too.

This vid is kinda cute too, the music is Yelle. Been listening to her this morning. Last night’s movie Jucy was really really good. I am so happy I got to meet the girls from the movie before seeing it. Really make a difference when you get to up close with the actors. I related to them and gave them huge hugs after it was over.

Post movie I met up with Morgan for a coffee. He played me a few songs from his solo album coming out in the new year. Impressed. Mum used to tell me”You can’t fly with the eagles if you’re with the seagulls” and I like that. I’m surrounded by so many inspiring/talented people, it motivates me to work hard; to wake up early, to get things done, to be organized, to follow up, to be thankful.

Have a wonderful day friends. Do something that inspires you today. Do something for you, do something for others. Giving is the worlds greatest gift, once you have given, you already recieved.


yesterday on twitter, this happened:

film fest day five: lovely to meet you people. welcome.

Yesterday was quite lovely. I attended PSH’s film Jack Goes Boating in the afternoon with Michael. Walked through Kensington in the sunshine and passed Tattoo at/for 4:20.

Then I met Lynsie and Shawna at The Red Tea Box to greet the cast of Jucy for a Tea Party. Was terribly cute, the party and the three of us blonde blogging babes. The Blondetourage rides again.

I’m going to see Jucy tonight and quite excited. The Director Louise Alston gave us a CD with the films soundtrack and tickets to attend. The three of us sat down with Jackie (Francesca Gasteen) and Lucy (Cindy Nelson) from the movie for a chat around the tea table. They were charming and we are friends now. See you tonight ladies! p.s. How cute are they, eh?

Post Tea party we went to Squirly’s one of my fav spots on Queen Street with some friends. Lynsie, Dwayne and I went to Hotshot gallery for treats & a toast to Jeffreyy‘s photography. Lovely exhibit he did in the kitchen of a resto called Grace on College. The night kicked it up a notch after that when we walked the red carpet at Charles Pachter’s gorgeous house. Honestly, the place is stunning. If you ever get to go there, go. Actually, find a reason. He’s the Moose guy? Remember all the Moose’s around Toronto? It was the event for Steve Nash’s film Into The Wind and quite the place to be. That’s where I met team Australia as I like to call them, Brad, James & crew from Aussie TV/radio. Shit got crazy after that. I took them to the Vitamin Water Back Yard in Yorkville and we tore the roof off that place. So fun.

I have some serious following up to do and a stack of business cards in front of me. I would really like to star in a film, there is no doubt that I am a great actress. Ask Mum! haha After tonight’s movie I’m popping over to the Festival Music House and checking out the most adorable Beatrice ever, Coeur de Pirate. Here she is on Jian’s show (she starts at 2:30). Stoked, I have a crush on her. Happy TIFFing friends!

break. it down. give thanks. rest. love it. smile.

“Be careful what you wish for” Mum said to me today as I was chatting her about what I’m up to. She called via Skype from the boat on the East Coast of Canada. Been a couple days since we last taked. Before she went on her sailing trip we used to chat almost daily. I would fill her on on what I’m up to. She inspires me, always has. I miss her.  Everything I’m doing r I always wanteight now… the parties, the makeup the hair the clothes. It’s all new to me.  I always wanted to be doing this stuff. Mum says luck is where preperation meets opportunity. I feel grateful. I’ve worked my ass off the last few years.

I arrived in Toronto five years ago post uni in Australia. Back then, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I just did it. I believed in myself and I worked hard at whatever it was I was doing. When I was younger I used to say I wanted to be really well known for being good at something, I wasn’t sure what it was yet.  Maybe I still don’t? Either way, I have always been determined. When I really want to do something there is little to no stopping me. Mum will for SURE tell you that. I want to interview her one day so you can meet her.  She’s not been able to read my blog much from the boat, she usually reads it daily to see what I’m up to. She said it makes her happy. It makes me happy too.

I love looking back on what I was doing previous years, same time.  Makes me dream big about what I might be doing next year. Quite looking forward to the long  flight to New Zealand, that twenty or so hours to myself is going to be magical. I wonder if there will be internet? I hope no.

Hope you are not annoyed with my TIFFing. I am excited and I will continue to be excited about my life. You should be excited for yours too. It’s the only one you will ever have.

Thank you for reading. Love Casie xo

tiff day four: yesterday was fun, sh*t show, glitz show


I don’t have much time to tell you about the bundles of fun I had yesterday. Film fest is really crazy awesome. Team Australia last night was HILAR. Tell you about that when I take a breather hopefully later betweek parties/films. Have not taken many photos as it’s totally not kosher to take pix when everyone is famous (unless you are doing something retarted or crazy).

Team Australia. ILU.

Steve Nash house party location was amazing. Only pic I took of scenery. Andy Warhol-ish Toronto artist hot shot amazing guy.

P. Seymor Hoffman & cast on stage at Q&A post screening.

I’m heading to a shopping date with Rayanne for NZFW clothes right now. Trying on stuff at Marks Work Wearhouse, crazy eh? I betcha I will find some things to style up. Getting Greta Constantine to wear in NZ this week too. Have a meeting about my brand/possible show after that. I’m stoked and still thinking ‘omg this is my life’. Gah. Talk soon. I love you internet. We work well together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m late AGAIN from blogging. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Exhausted & excited, Casie xo