the fruit, maturing in autumn, is green

new fav drink – Feijoa wine.

i got a dress like this  red one yesterday from a wee vintage shop that isn’t online and doesn’t have a twitter. would be fun if they did. everything was really cute and well priced.

i feel closer to NZ thanever. growing up oit always seemed so far away but now, the world is so small thanks to internet and how we communicate. we are  all connected, i’m a citizen of the world yo.

it’s kinda chilly today and i’m wearing a long really weater from mark’s.  like this tune below by NZ artists ‘naked & famous’. have a wonderful day. i’m seeing my cousin & auntie this afternoon! yahoooooooooooo!


lemme just sit now and have a cuppa tea

didn’t tweet much yesterday. was having trouble getting on that downtown wifi when i was shopping around k road + ponsonby. like it here. so beauty. got a milky bar today, heaven in my mouth when that baby melts. there are these salsa doritos here that are so good. i am munching the whole bag right now.

yesterday on twitter this happened:

  • hello moon – vice nz cover #
  • thank you so much to the #nzfw crew. i have had the best time this week. hope to be back next year. lots more fun to post on le blog too 😉 #
  • today i am cruising around auckland with a friend and might get new tattoo. #
  • miss you peeps at home. luckily #tedxto is my first day back in canada 🙂 #
  • eating fish & chips in my room before the HUFFER show. so freaking tasty, the F&C 🙂 i <3 #nzfw #
  • check out this collection: – Adrian Hailwood gave me some goodies & i’ll be wearing tonight! #nzfw #
  • i belong to the stolen generation.

    the show last night was hot. it was in a theatre, the place was packed. stylish people lined the streets in the cold. i was watching on twitter to see when they were getting started, late of course. got the driver to drop us at the door and we breezed through the  crowd. sat front row, middle beside lovelies from fashion around the world. the show was more than just fashion, it was a production. the best models from the week were in it. the clothes were my fav, it was very sexy, i got a rose from the bridal bouquet at the end. lucky me 🙂

    hung out with kms on ponsonby road after the stolen girlfriend’s club after party. that party was like a night out queen street west in TO, heaps of hot hipsers. good times.

    having the best time this week. extremely tired though. need a rest. ok bye xo

    yesterday on twitter, this happened:

    nicole miller at nzfw = hot






    Sat with Isaac for Nicole’s show today. Loved the leather shoulders & cut outs. Krista walked and was fierce obvs. Sexy shoes in this show. Hot babe with Isaac is Laura Allard-Fleischl.