leave all your love and your longing behind you can’t carry it with you if you want to survive

Walked down to the ocean in Beach Haven, tide was out. So beautiful. I miss being near the ocean. When I lived in Bondi (Australia) I used to visit the water each day, lay in the sand, stare at the sky. I was really happy there, I’m happy now too.

I climbed on the childrens boat, laxed on a bench, lazed in the sun.

The flowers here are very beautiful. I have heaps of photos fronm the past week. People here have quite lovely gardens. Nana & Grandad always had a really nice garden. He had passion fruit trees , flowers and vegetables. I carved my name in a tree there too. Love you Grandad, miss you. Chilled out with Nana today.

This is on my cousins lawn. Their house is great. I’ve been lucky this trip to stay at really nice places. I enjoyed staying with Kms the other day. His place felt kinda like my old house on Broadview in TO; artsy and musical with character. Nice fro babe.

Walked into downtown Beach Haven, there’s about five shops, three takeaways, a dairy and a cafe with a foursquare checkin. I have a meeting at the cafe in the morning and will feel like my trip is complete if I can steal that Mayorship. GAME, SET, MISSION.

Beer o’clock and diner making time.  Got an extra suitcase today so I can bring home all my goodies. Love it here but ready to come home. Lots of exciting things on the horizon.

love & light my friends xo

yesterday on twitter, this happened:

sunshine green grass fresh air open mind


Good morning from the North Shore in Auckland! Quite lovely and suberbish here. A good break from the past week of red carpets and cameras.


Hanging with my cuz Jo, her baby Isabella and my Nana today. Its been sooooo long since I’ve seen them. Only my immediate family (mum, dad, sis) live in Canada, the rest are all here. How cute is her pup? Love him.


Craving a meat pie so walking to the dairy! Hehe. I really wish we had kiwi meat pies at home. I love Vegimite.


Hope you are having an awesome day. I ship out tomo on Air NZ stopping in SF then home Wed.

I miss you Toronto xo

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Ever wonder what the front row is tweeting from? What camera’s at the show? Stylish gadgets I tell ya.

Busy as for the next month when I return home. Luckily it’s with all my favourite things; tech, style & music – TedX Toronto elite invite only geek conference, Indie Music Week and LG Fashion Week. I just googled LGFW and it means ‘Lets Get Fuckin’ Wankered’. haha

Man I love NZ. It’s pretty small but really nice. There’s a few things I’d have liked to get done ex. bungy jump, see Palmy or visit Waiheke Island. Imma just gonna have to come back. It’s been ten years since I was last here and I’m not letting that happen again.

Venus took these photos of us, top is front row at the Huffer show Friday night. Their collection is stuff I’d wear but reminded me H&M and I just can’t get over that it’s called HUFFER. We all know what Huffing is, no? Check the bed spread below by Nom*D, it’s made of CORSETS + BRAS! Holy style. – want. More photos here.

We seriously had a blast this week! I wish I had a photog/assistant + driver all the time. A girl can dream…uh, a girl DOES dream! I’m ready to travel, have I told you yet? Well, tell your friends.


Fashion | Internationally speaking your style language

I’ve got heaps of photos to round up from NZFW. Recognize this fine woman above? NY fashion queen Nicole Miller with Derek and I before a show. We all had a blast hanging out this week. The internationals really stuck together. We were also often the loudest.

I met so many wickkkkkked people. Got heaps of following up to do. Look out world here I come. Shirt in the below pix is from Marks.

The lovely Hannah McArdle:

NZ fashion rockstar Isaac:

My assistant for the week was Venus Tong, she upload a whole bunch of pix to her site PARTY OF WOLVES. Check out the rest on her site here.