Vice Magazine – Show your love for NZ!!

Being a Kiwi, as great as it is, I enjoyed that VICE featured NZ in their global trend report. However, with all the focus on cities around the world, they managed to put NZ, the COUNTRY, not a city such as Auckland or Wellington, or hell, Palmy either!! Here’s what they said: “It’s slightly disappointing that no one in this majestic land actually looks like Frodo or Xena. Yes, that is all most of us know about New Zealand. Oh, and Flight of the Conchords, which isn’t the funniest thing ever, but it’s a little bit funny once in awhile. Eagle Vs. Shark was pretty good too—like Napoleon Dynamite but with cute accents and kind of sadder. What other good movies were made in New Zealand? Oh yeah, Heavenly Creatures. That’s an old fave. So anyway, instead of mythical creatures and lesbian schoolgirls, what we have here is a bunch…

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