fatty tuesday, what’s for lunch?

I’m wondering what to have for lunch today. We get catered lunched in the office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so today, it’s all about me and whatever I want. I’ve been trying to avoid eating McDonalds as I have been eating it religiously my whole life. Lucky enough, I’m still mini. I’m a big pho lover traditionally but when I went home for family day I had a really bad pho at Ben Thahn in Cambridge and I’m just not feeling it. I ordered the wrong one and it had nasty meat parts that I can’t describe. That’s what you get for not REALLY reading the menu. Tonight I’m going to Facebook Camp Toronto 5 at Mars. I’m interested to hear how Twitter will be brought up, if at all. Although, I can’t imagine it just not coming up. I wonder what I might learn? This is my date…

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The biggest loss ever….

Lawmakers point fingers as bailout fails Read it for yourself. Get educated. Get informed. WASHINGTON (CNN) — Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill immediately blamed each other for the failure of a $700 billion bailout package in the House on Monday….. The stock market immediately dipped hundreds of points after it became apparent that the bill would fail. The Dow closed down 777 points at the end of trading Monday, a record plunge.

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I Love my Job!

Canada Day EXTRA-long Weekend…! This year, Canada Day falls on a Tuesday. To celebrate a great half-year and in appreciation of all your hard work we have decided to close the office on Monday AND Tuesday giving everyone an extra long weekend to enjoy with their family and friends!! And don’t forget the office will be closing at 2pm today! So see you all back on Wednesday, July 2!! Enjoy!

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