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  • imma cut you

    I’m stoked for Halloweeeeeener. Can you believe we’re almost half way through Roctober already? Sheesh gonna be 2K11 before no time. On Sat the 29th in the day I will be doing something cool that I can’t tell you about yet (save the date) and in the night I will be at Tequila Bookworm for the People Downtown halloween-bloodbath-dressup party. Love this pic, Andrew Revesz took it during Nuit Blanche at the Playdead Mansion. Am I scary? Oh and look who is a sexy Playdead Cult model… Marc Andrew Smith! I haven’t decided on a costume, ther ear so many things that pop into my head. I love dressing up. The 2010 Zombie Walk is on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010. My crew starts at my house for makeup at 1:30 then everyone meets at Trinity Bellwoods 15:00. Exciting. What are you being for Halloween? Hey pumpkin, IMMA CUT YOU. Hey…

    Building a Great Influencer Program

    Building a Great Influencer Program

    This summer I went to Vancouver to meet with the Canadian team of Telus Advocates. I’ve shared my love for Telus over the years but this experience was truly amazing. They flew in content creators from across the country to visit their Vancouver office, tour Telus Garden, create, eat, explore, and build relationships. I’ve worked with heaps of brands but I truly admire the influencer program Telus has built over the years. Ok yes, I am a little bias because I chatted with the team before they created the program and shared my likes, dislikes, and brand experiences. They have set the bar high for what it means to work with a telecom company or a big brand. The experience (as an influencer) is tailored to each person’s style of content and audience. In this post, I’m sharing a few of my tips for creating a great influencer program with Telus as my example.  Build…

    i used to have poetry blog

    on myspace. it’s a time warp… january 2005: bio hello, my name is casie. welcome! welcome to the wonderful world of casie. you are about to be introduced to my life that is filed with light, love and excitement. i live in toronto and love it. i work downtown in recruiting. if you are in IT and need a JOB…ask me. i also work for moxie promotions. i love helping people and believe that giving is its own gift. it makes me feel happy. i like to write things. i like to read books and magazines. i like to make things and sew things too. creativity is a big huge part of my life in everything i do. i love music, all kinds. i am inspired by so many simple pleasures. i love being in front of the camera or having my picture taken. i love sun. i love the…

    i now it’s hard.

    i know that you lost someone so dear, the person you love, your heart. the one who is closest to you, who makes you smile and holds you close to wipe your tears. i know it’s hard but you can get through this. i love you and i am here for you and i am not going anywhere. i will always be here. you know you can reach me anytime. my phone is attached to my hand and there are a zillion ways to reach me and you know them all. i know you feel alone, but don’t. there are so many people that love you and care for you and one of them that loves and cares for you the most, is me. i am thinking of you. the best thing in the whole world when you are down is having that friend, a hug and someone to lean…

    sorry but i just don’t have a face for radio ok

    This weekend was a good one for me. I didn’t clean my room (like planned) or have thanksgiving dinner but I did make changes to my blog, hang out with friends and do a radio show. Take a peek around, I’ve added some pages, changed links from redish to hot pink, and a few other tweaks here and there. Let me know what you think. Big, UPS to Patrick from Toronto City Life for helping. You rule dude. We’re kicking things up a notch at the casiestewart.com office. PAWS UP. On Sunday afternoon while many of you were stuffing yourselves, I was a guest on Perpetual Radio Network’s Social Media Show. I dropped  in to discuss Toronto International Film Fest (TIFF), New Zealand Fashion Week (NZFW), the Virgin America Provocateur contest/win, influencers and much more. Give a listen or download the podcast for the train ride home today. It’s free…

    the sky is no longer the limit

    I’ve been following all the news about Virgin Galactic since inception in 2004. I am amazed and inspired by it all. Richard Branson is the most inspiring man in the world to me. Hands down. No limits, no boundaries, ready to take on the world, the universe. Doing it. The fact that I get to meet him and be part of the Virgin Team is a dream come true. Got an email last night with the great news “Virgin Galactic Releases Exclusive Footage of Spaceship’s Historic Maiden Solo Flight.” This is SO EXCITING! HERE WE COME SPACE! In 2004 I sent an email asking if there were going to be flight attendants to space because I was ready to start training. For the record, there are not. VIRGIN GALACTIC PRESS RELEASE: The world’s first commercial manned spaceship, VSS Enterprise, which is being developed by US space tourism company Virgin Galactic,…

    the things you own begin to own you

    Can someone please come clean my room? All I want to do is internet and it won’t clean itself. I like to drive around, take photos and tell you about it. This is my life. A happy day or them, a nice photo for me. A story for everyone. What’s happening here? I dream about living in a big old house with tree covered streets. I grew up in a place with lots of trees. Our house was close to a river. Found Lynsie’s prints at Pretty Freedom in Kensington on a stroll. Coney Island, I will see you with my own eyes one day. Blue Banana, eye spy something from a New Zealand family I know so well. Brittle I love too. Mirror ring so pretty. Fun for late night party goers possibly? Nice nails too Sabrina. These tights are coming to Canada. I am bringing them. Would you…


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    About Casie Stewart

    Casie Stewart is a Canadian writer, director, and entrepreneur. She’s an award-winning content creator and expert in digital. During her decade-long career in media, she’s been named Canadian Screen Award Winner (Voice Pioneer), Best Travel Blog, and Top 30 Lifestyle Blogs in Canada. Casie has been a keynote speaker at SXSW, NXNE, TEDx, and spoken at YouTube Canada and the United Nations of Canada. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend and loves summer weekends at the cottage when she’s not travelling around the world.


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