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    Just arrived at the Virgin America office. Today is gong to be awesome. Poker Face just came on the radio. Love it.  Yesterday was great. I covered the whole city of San Fran. So many photos and things to share. Big thanks to my boy Rahim aka @funkstop for taking me to heaps of cool places. Y’all have to wait till lata to get the deets. I got a big day ahead! Love you. Byeeeeeeee! xo

    Building a Great Influencer Program

    Building a Great Influencer Program

    This summer I went to Vancouver to meet with the Canadian team of Telus Advocates. I’ve shared my love for Telus over the years but this experience was truly amazing. They flew in content creators from across the country to visit their Vancouver office, tour Telus Garden, create, eat, explore, and build relationships. I’ve worked with heaps of brands but I truly admire the influencer program Telus has built over the years. Ok yes, I am a little bias because I chatted with the team before they created the program and shared my likes, dislikes, and brand experiences. They have set the bar high for what it means to work with a telecom company or a big brand. The experience (as an influencer) is tailored to each person’s style of content and audience. In this post, I’m sharing a few of my tips for creating a great influencer program with Telus as my example.  Build…

    it’s quite warm here in sunny california

    Hey look, it’s me your fav little blogging munchkin’ baberoo. This is me at SFO airport about 45 mins an hour ago. SFO, it’s quite nice for an airport. I’m at the hotel now soaking up some free internet before I attenpt to tackle the Golden Gate Bridge and go see the home of Michelle, Steph and DJ Tanner. I meet Virgin America tomorrow so today is all MINE. MINE! Ok listen up… I have something for you…wanna come to a party with me on Saturday? You MUST be AT LEAST 19 and you must be cool. I have two special tickets with some hot young hipster’ who likes vodka’s name on them. The band USS is headlining with a couple other guests. If you like music & boooooze this is your cup of tea! Tickets are courtesy of Smirnoff Canada and the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project so you gotta…


    Friday night I had the pleasure of attending the Greta Constantine SS11 show at 161 Spadina. It was a who’s who of Toronto’s fashion. The clothes were beautiful, Coco Rocha walked the stage and I had a blast with friends. Here are some of the hot shots! For photos of the show check out Lynsie’s blog. She was back stage and on the runway getting some totally amazing shots of the collection. lynsie roberts, fashion photographer/blogger

    is a reaction what you are looking for @globeandmail? annoying.

    I’m heading to San Francisco tomorrow to meet with Virgin America. I was recently in New Zealand ,as you know, and had a wonderful experience with international people and companies. So, as  I was walking today I thought, “maybe I should consider jobs outside of Canada, it seems there is more opportunity for a young lady like myself”. Then I saw this. Urgh. Rolls eyes. I get it that it’s meant to draw attention issues about ‘women in power’ or make people pipe up and talk about the brain drain but like, seriously? I feel like the bunch of “old school people” sat together in a room and decided “this is a great idea”. Meanwhile, as a young person, it makes me think “hey maybe that’s right” and does NOT make me want to join the discussion AT ALL. To me, this billboard is silly. You get more bee’s with…

    say hello to my little friend

    c-c-c-craaaaaaazy. was on a video shoot at a friends studio last night it was f-u-n eye spy david and mario and wilder and eva you might catch it on cosmopolitanTV some time.  catch me on dailybooth or twitter ! i dig the wig, i really do. do you? think i’mma gonna enter cosmotv’s blogger search. just saw they extended the entry deadline. what should be my angle. travelling provocateur? yeah baby!

    the force of gravity was strong today

    Spent the afternoon horizontal on the couch watching tv, staring out at the airport.  Took a break from everything. Working from home = working all the time.  I even had a nap, it felt great. My sis came over for little visit. Still have that hurting in my neck. Met some great people at the Greta show last night. Posting about that soon. Time for some ice cream and a new movie haha. Lazy day ILU xo


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