Yesterday Raymi and I met up for a girl date & shopping party at 3F at Young Dundas. I’ll have some more info about WHO & WHAT 3F is soon. Short version is 3F Fashions comes from a high end texttile company that works w/ Calvin Klein for their fabrics and I’ve just joined their Board of Directors. I’ll be at the store today w/ Z103.5 Radio & recording artist Aleesia for public shopping part w/ 25% off everything. Follow 3F on Twitter at @Ffashions.

Raymi and I tried on SO MANY things. the fabrics are really nice and the price points are affordable. I picked up a super cute demin onesie jumper, frilly denim shirt, some khaki jeans, a super soft long maxi dress and a few other items you’ll see this spring. Raymi has a bunch of photos on her camera of our outfits that I’ll share after she posts. These are all from iPhone!





3F is a sponsor for Ryerson’s HUGE annual fashion show, Mass Exodus. We got to sit from & centre for the production which was very well done. Lots of talent at that school! Way to go Canadian fashion!


Ended the night at DefineTO event at Easy on the 5th. Wearing the new vest i got from Peacock Parade, skirt from overseas, Jeffrey Campbell ‘Back Off’ & Nella Bella bag.


This is my song of the day:

Now, go set the world on FIRE!



I’m a huge fan of wearing glasses. They’re a statement piece for your face and can change a somewhat boring outfit into something with a lot more style. I’ve had glasses since my first eye checkup in high school. They were my first ever high end designer item too. I saw a pair of Gucci frames before I went in to get my eyes checked, as we were wrapping up my appointment the doctor told my my eyes were near perfect. You think a girl would be happy about that, no, I wanted those GUCCI GLASSES! Fortunate for fashion, I was able to get them in the weakest possible prescription and Mum & I went home happy after placing the order.

Now that I’m grown up (sounds so weird to say that, but anyways) I have to get my own glasses. A good price and easy shopping experience are important. Yesterday I chatted with Derek Derek Desierto’s about his top picks top picks for the spring and summer. Derek is a Canadian celebrity eyeglass stylist and the in-house designer for Clearlycontacts.ca. Listen here:

Derek styled my face with the handy Virtual Mirror I told you about in January.  In our short talk I learned that you should pick glasses that are the opposite shape of your face ex. square face, round glasses etc. These are a few of his latest designs w/ Clearly Contacts. Any guesses which ones I picked before looking two inches down the page? (Worst guessing game ever, I know)


I went for the fashionable & feminine Birch:

They should arrive next week and I will do an unboxing & try them on for you style like I did last time. Follow Derek & I on Twitter at @mrdesierto & @casiestewart

Check out this TOTALLY rad commercial for HTC that is shot on a new android while skydiving & posted before landing (technically cause nothing you see on TV is REAl but still, it’s cool). The song is from the Drive soundtrack. LOVED that movie. Oh, and Senör Gosling. I was in a national HTC campaign last year w/ SAY Media (see here).




Welcome to my grass patch, glass castle in the sky.


Shopped the Peacock Parade sale yesterday. Got the vest. You like? I love.


There were so many nice things. I realized I have a clothes problem when I looked through the Line Knitwear leathers and found one of my own, the shoes that matched ones I have. I must clean my room. I attempted last weekend but failed. They had a bunch of stuff by Nicole Miller. Remember when her and I were hanging out with Derek in New Zealand? SO fun.


The cafe at the hipster Queen Street Loblaws is great for people watching. It’s also sunny.


Had a second of sadness as the Fashion Television truck drove by. No more FT. I hear the Dare to Wear Love fashion show was on it. A couple people said they saw me. LIFE GOAL, check that one off the Bucket List. Loved that show for over 20 years.


That’s my Tattoo shop beside Shoppers, FY Ink. I’ve got an appointment there tomorrow to get some work on my sleeve done. I’m so incredibly excited. A hot blonde girl is doing it. This is my Sharpie rendition. I always draw them on first, hence why right arm is being done. I’m left handed!


Today & tomorrow is a HUGE Billabong sample sale. It used to be held in the Carpet Factory building in Liberty Village when i worked there and I got heaps of stuff over the years. Good prices, lots of merch. I’ve been wearing Billabong for ages, see all kinds of past outfits here.



Ok, I know the Facebook + Instagram thing is ‘so yesterday’ like Mandy Moore but it has totally sparked my interest a VC funding and who’s gonna buy what next. I have a feeling that Google is going to make a move, talk about Google+ is all over the place but who is really using it? I do, kinda, when I upload photos to Picasa but I’m not accessing it directly. Did you hear that Microsoft bought Netscape? NETSCAPE? Some millennial monsters won’t even know what that IS!

I have a feeling Blackberry is working on something, possible a merger or acquisition of or by another company. Maybe Google? I’m just thinking out loud, and by out loud I mean here. My thinking place. I wanna get them in writing just in case I’m correct, Gary Vaynerchuck predicted the Instagram/Facebook thing months ago. Feel free to pipe in any moment with your own thoughts. Maybe Google will buy Pinterest and integrate it into their newly added larger profile photos a la Facebook timeline. Who knows? Who cares really. The internet is our playground 🙂

BTW, add me on Instragram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+


Made a cameo in a friend’s vid about the Facestagram thing: