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Had a bit of a heart attack today. MacBook isn’t turning on. Thinking its the power cord. Fingers crossed. We’ll be back on schedule in no time. I hope!!





I’m tempted to write a memoir with this title about my life and the past seven years blogging. I started April 2005, first on myspace, then blogger, then Tumblr, Posterous, and WordPress. Throw all the other platforms into the mix and there has been lots of change in how content is shared and how I personally deliver my stories to the world.

It started out as a dairy, a place to keep my memories and back then, I never even imagined it would turn into a career and open up all the doors it has. One of my favourite posts is “A Blog is An Engine” from February 5th, 2010.

“A blog is an engine and behind that blog is a person. There, in that very chair,  sits a  person with bounds of creativity. The type of creativity that you can not ever imagine because it is unimaginable to your mind. It creates.  By the time you are reading this the engine has worked twice as fast,  faster.  The engine is moved by some type of driver and the engine has many tools. It employs services to work as engines in order to make it grow.

The production must try to keep up with the mind yet the creativity, it DOES NOT STOP.  It flows and drives and moves and the more it makes the more it has for it is infinite.”

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a book for a while. I wrote my first book at 16 and became a published Canadian Author so if I could do it then I can SURELY do it now. I strongly feel that the more creativity I let out, the more I let it flow the more I have.  There’s lots going on but that only motivates me MORE to do the things I dream of.

Infinitely creative,


 * photos by Kelly Krushel



Had brekky, went to Green Living Show. Hanging out today. Pretty close to best thing ever. Love you Mum xo