the fruit, maturing in autumn, is green

new fav drink – Feijoa wine. i got a dress like this  red one yesterday from a wee vintage shop that isn’t online and doesn’t have a twitter. would be fun if they did. everything was really cute and well priced. i feel closer to NZ thanever. growing up oit always seemed so far away but now, the world is so small thanks to internet and how we communicate. we are  all connected, i’m a citizen of the world yo. it’s kinda chilly today and i’m wearing a long really weater from mark’s.  like this tune below by NZ artists ‘naked & famous’. have a wonderful day. i’m seeing my cousin & auntie this afternoon! yahoooooooooooo! xo CASIE

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you took something perfect and painted it red

A wee bit of stress is starting to sink in. I’m over film festing and focussed on New Zealand Fashion Week. I’m feeling quite artistic and looking forward to the plane ride. I love airports, people travelling. In my carry on I’ll have netbook, notebook, sketchbook, nintendo, pillow and blanket. Watched this little video again today, I think it’s so cute. Time lapse, I love. I got a heap of clothes from Mark’s yesterday, yes, the Work Warehouse. You might be surprised how stylish. It was really fun trying on anything and everything before deciding on what I’d like to wear. One of my fav’s is this long black super soft cardigan. You can never have too many cardigans, perfect for all year. I got a pair of mom jeans, red gloves and grey leather riding boots too. This vid is kinda cute too, the music is Yelle. Been listening…

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