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a totally brutal situation.

The most fun part of the night was getting dressed, the anticipation and being surrounded by friends. The girls have good photos, I’ve only got twitpics. The worst part was how packed it was, and all the things that went missing, oh just the fact that the Jersey Shore crew arrived at midnight only to spend the whole night downstairs. Pauly D was actually DJing at Suite 106. Our both was barely a booth at all. It was a small table stacked with Smirnoff and plastic cups. The place is dirty and you can smoke inside. People were standing on our seats and pushing. I’ve not gone to a club like that in the club district like that since I was like 19 (probably the average age their last night). So brutal. I can only imagine what the lives of the Situation & Pauly D are like cause there were…

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A blog is a best friend you find within yourself.

I’ve been thinking, about making changes.  I’m always making changes. I wanna wear high heels again. I wanna change my blog. I wanna change my hair, just a little. I used to write stories to myself about what I was thinking more often. Really helps me sort out my thoughts, like therapy.  A blog is a best friend you find withing yourself who is always there to listen and look at your pretty pictures.   I’ve been falling in love with Tumblr lately. Thinking about cheating on WordPress. I’ve recently had my hands all over the BB Storm  from Telus and I’m liking the touchscreen. It moves when you press it like a keyboard, it’s a good photographer and it’s kinda heavy which I like.  I’m spending today home alone and it ‘s great to be not hungover. Instead of GYM, TANNING, LAUNDRY today I’m COUCH, ICE CREAM, MOVIE and it…

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master disaster: help haiti. hearts on fire.

This morning I took a different approach to getting things done.  No stressing.  I’ve already checked a few things off my life list. I FINALLY mailed back my penpal @Hillzy. She wrote the first letter last year and it took me a new decade to get my act together. She’s gonna be happy. I packed a giftbag including a creative letter and some goodies.  I also mailed a package to my new BFF at Telus who’s sending me a new phone next week! Brought headphones today so I can hocus-focus and get lots checked off my list. There’s lots happening in my little world of rainbows & unicorns  but there’s real serious stuff happening in Haiti. I’ve seen heaps of Twitpics of disaster. I saw one this morning that was a childs head crushed between concrete and a fallen building. It was disgusting and sad. I don’t like seeing stuff…

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i like the way you work it: google android

I can hardly believe this is my life… Last night at the Notable TV Schmooze I got a new phone, again. Boooyah! This is my THIRD phone this year – Koodo, Rogers, Bell. Thankyouverymuch. Is that Telus calling? Cause I still wanna try an iphone y’know. Lessons learned: 1) You don’t ask you don’t get. 2) If you ever have any doubt that you can achieve if you believe, don’t ! 3) Think positive, live positive & positive things will happen to you. I won a Samsung I7500, with the Google Android OS. Here’s the specs for all you little nerds: Android 1.5 OS Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, dual-band UMTS/HSPA 528 MHz Qualcomm MSM7200A CPU 3.2-inch HVGA capacitive OLED touchscreen display 5 megapixel camera with LED flash Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS 8GB internal flash memory microSD slot 3.5 mm stereo jack Metal case, 11.9 mm thick Party was fun. Familiar faces and a bunch…

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white on blackberry: social media device search

Remember the post to all Canadian phone companies? The one saying I want a social media phone…one for someone who is super social? What is important to me in a new unit: – Camera with a flash that can take clear photos day or night (Twitpic) – Keyboard that is easy to type when walking or with one hand – Ability to Tweet/Facebook – Multiple email accounts – Easy internet browsing (Blog, Tumblr, Posterous) – Cut, copy, paste – Video Camera (12seconds) – Wi-Fi – Backup contacts (for people who lose/break shit) Bonus: – BBM – Blackberry Messenger – 3G I got my first response from Rogers and my brand new white Blackberry 9000 arrived yesterday. The catch is, I have to give it back, but I do get to try it for a while. so i’s kinda good. Already not sure the white leather back is gonna stay clean?…

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