Day 94: Smashing Records in Style

Today I smashed my own 5K record and completed my 55KM challenge for the month. I am so grateful for these challenges hosted by Amy aka @lesbest. It’s really kept me motivated to get my shoes on and hit the road. When I got back to the cottage a package was there, it’s was like a reward for hustling hard. The PR team sent the Hayley X Coors Slice shorts and shirt. Sean is wearing the set in a size small, looking like a supermodel! He’s been a really good motivator for my running doing does 4-10K a day on his morning runs. We’re both feeling so much better since we stopped eating so much crap and started moving our bodies. ILY. Thank you for supporting me my love! Idk if he will see this bc I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read my blog, he gets enough CASIE IRL haha. I hope you are having a good day! ?

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Day 91: Sunday Funday!

I have really come to love driving the boat to take sean wakeboarding. I was scared of it for years but after taking the Boater Exam and getting my licence, I feel more confident. There’s a spot on the lake where boaters meet to wakeboard and hang out so it was fun to hang there for the first time. Up until last summer, we didn’t have lake friends. It’s a nice experience to have people hang with. Boating is social distancing! Wore my fav Hayley Elsaesser x Coors Slice outfit with the bikini, overalls, and cooler, it was a hit. I’m expecting another delivery from them next week so I can’t WAIT to see what it is. If you want to check out the collection find it here. ALSO, how beautiful is this incredible dragonfly?! It’s black & yellow with polka dots. I looked it up and I think it’s called Painted Skimmer (Libellula semifasciata). NATURE ISCOOL.

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yesterday on twitter, this happened:

i want these for christmas #dollparts @itsbarbiestyle #dollhands # ok this one is classic us. haha @raymitheminx # yo @raymitheminx just found this old jem of us # lady blogga # Y'all know that Kane from the #yandr @ replied to me today. #win # dear @fetlife santa, please pick me to win this year. i've been real good/bad xo latex kimono, latex catsuit, slave ring 🙂 # yeppers, @randymatheson i am in town just in time for the party. #hohoTO # love the @telus commercial w/ @teamyacht music. they one ma favs # thanks @DavidPylyp I don't suck at spelling, just typing. # obviously. # just kidding # re # what ever will i wear to teh ball? #hohoto #cinderella # like it (YouTube # ooh this is good #criminalminds # Photo: she’s real cute emma # the guy in the Sears commercial w/ Levis, anyone know him? i think i met him before. he's cute. # #winterwonderland # Photo: oooh criminal minds blows my mindzeyez # Photo: via lesbiansftw # misty RT @jacobjunior7: The snow tonight is so pretty. # #criminalminds @gublernation <3 # Photo: alll i want for christmas…

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