what should i sing at #loserkaraoke this week? hmm.

Yesterday on Twitter, this happened:

do it for the experience


Going to the Smirnoff Experience at Andrew Richard Designs tonight. Deadmau5 is playing. Super strict guest list and pretty sure its a comic theme. Good times. Back to work Wednesday so probs gonna get a little crazy.  Going for the experience and will make it a good one. Promise heh heh.

I love airports.

I wish I could have stayed longer.

I like floating in the pool. I got a tan.

This looks like Carrie Bradshaw’s book, no?


It was nice seeing all the faces. Heaps of hugs. Bucket list checked again.


Clear skies. Open roads. Feel the music.

Raise a glass. Happy heart. Heading home. Flying high. Until next time, I will miss you.

* sent via wordpress mobile on the tarmac at boston logan