is it wrong to be so excited for this?

Jersey Shore is BACK for Season 2 July 29th.  Fist pump baby.

Yesterday was a great day. I went to see Bon Jovi w/ Michael & Cory. Post on that coming when I finally get some time to blog. I’ve been so busy lately, i’ve got so many things to share with you.

  • Kid Rock & Bon Jovi #ftw (@ Rogers Centre w/ @alisaan @j0scelyn @dvln) #
  • Madness at the rogers centre right now and traffic is insane #spadinawatch
  • looking forward to #loserkaraoke tomorrow. honestly.
  • Hmm. Can haz cheeseburger? #nomnomnom
  • anyone 14-19 wanna come down to much on Friday AFTERNOON for something fun? looking for 2 peeps. lemme know ASAP!
  • wow. time for lunch. where sis 4pm come from? gah.
  • anyone else having #FB troubs tagging people in posts today or uploading images? driving me mental – already tried chrome/firefox/explorer.
  • FB is being a real bitch today. That is all. Carry on as I try to keep calm. #fml
  • lotsa #twerk to catch up on today after my holiday peeps, catcha replies in the arvo or lunch I reckon <10 #muchlove
  • #twerk (@ MuchMusic Studios)
  • today the hair is grey
  • Gooooood Morning 🙂

GRAPHIC: the smirnoff experience

Monday night I had the pleasure of attendng one of TO’s most exclusive events ar ARD Events (my fav venue). It was the who’s who of social, media & fashion. Everyone was there and looking super stylish. I took the handsome Michael Nus as my date.

I wore a vintage Albert Nipon that was a hit. I’ve not got so many complimentsa on one dress from so many social sites/people in a while. Good score I tell ya!

This is my fav photo. Thanks to Erin Bury for snappin the pix, I forgot to bring Nancie (my camera).

No one knew what to expect, the invitation was very mysterious (and creative) and the whole night was comic book themed.

I loved seeing so many fmiliar faces in one place. Oh, Deadmau5 was there too so the music was epic. I’ve got more photos to upload but have to scoot to the office. First say back since Thursday.

Overal, the Smirnoff Experice was awesome. I’d like the opportunity to do more parties like that and if you vote for me to be the Virgin Provocateur, I’ll be able to do it. Vote here, I thank you in advance.

Have an awesome day 🙂

Party is killer. @deadmau5 @jpricchio @annavon @liztrinnear @jessegiddings @michaelnus @thejons on 12seconds.t v

he called to say look at the moon, he’s a real catch.

I tweeted heaps yesterday: