the daily twitter talk for 2010-07-27

I’ve got something to tell you…

Ladies & gentlmen, it is without regret that I inform you I have left CTV as the Social Media Girl for MuchMusic & MTV Canada.  I’m excited about what’s in store and I’m really excited to take on new projects.  If you’ve got a cool project you want to talk to me about, I’m happy to finally say, I’m available (professionally speaking that is). heh heh.

Really looking forward to seeing all the Tweeps and meeting new faces tonight at TweetgasmTO, the Gladstone’s first ever Tweetup.  If you’re around, come by and say helloooooo! Here’s all the info you need to know. I’ll be on the dancefloor cuttin’ a rug and doing high kicks as per usual.

TTC Tales: monday july 26, 2010 #TTCT

Taking the train from uptown again. I know, crazy.  I don’t mind the subway though, there’s always a story. A couple years ago I used to write daily posts on the way in. I really enjoyed that. Get some creative juice out first thing.


Browsed the Metro, nothing really to see today. The ride today is pretty quiet, no loud talkers in sight. I could feel the hunger eating me from the inside today so I grabbed a croissant and coffee at Tims.

He ironed my dress this morning and dropped me at the station. He’s quite charming this one, I like.

There’s construction at Davisville station, something about the wall systems and the yard side that will last three months. As long as it doesn’t slow the train, I don’t really mind.

Arriving at the office later that I planned for today. Luckily I’m not in a Nazi office like a couple past jobs where you get scolded for not being at your comp at [insert ridic early time here].  Once I arrived at 8:05 to my job in the financial district (the one I had to wear a suit to everyday and be there at 8AM, urgh!) and I got sent home for the day like a bad girl. The boss thought I had been out with the boys, who were also late and decided to punish us. Brutal. I had to help my sister with an emerg but he didn’t care to know. What a jerk he was sometimes!


I hear an accent, South African I reckon. I look kinda tired today despite getting a really good sleep. Hate that. Guess I need another good one tonight. Finally almost at the office. Took long today, I feel like I’ve traveled so far.

Coffee done.

Arrived and ready to start the day. Some friends & I are hosting a Tweetgasm V1.0 at the Gladstone Hotel tonight 7pm. Come. I will be fun.

Happy Monday, make it a good one 🙂