voila! virtual me:

i made a virtual me on the H&M website.
i tried on a bunch of outfits right from my desk.
it was hot.
i didnt buy anything and i left everything in the changeroom for the worker to clean up.
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you’re a little weezer

last night my friend played an acoustic weezer concert for me.
it was so great.
it was almost as good as if the weeze boys were playing just for me.
i loved it.

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natalie dee said it:


ok, i’m from new zealand.
i love sheep.
yes, i have sheep farmers in my family.
but honestly, i don’t know any sheep fuckers.
the joke is OVER now.

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tim hortons, goshdarnit, will these girls ever take a damn hint?

roxy likes her coffee srirred
but the timmy’s girls just dont get it
so roxy stirs her coffee
she leaves the stick there on the counter
for the girls to clean up.
if they would just stir the damn thing, we wouldn’t have to blog about it.

geeeez. who trains those sheep anyways?

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