Sometimes I don’t feel like it. #4


Internetting. I just wanna shut it all off sometimes.  Hide away, wrap my wings over me and disappear. It’s not easy sharing  yourself all the time. Sometimes you don’t get much back and you feel like your energy vessel is depleated. You get invited to all kinda of cool parties and people recognize you and ask to internview you and stuff but what they don’t know is you really spend heaps of time alone.


So sometimes I take myself on walks and we lay in the grass together and stare at the sky imaging things were different or how things cold be worse, be better.  I talk things out with myself in my head and set goals and think of things I can do to make the most of each and every single day. If I don’t take time to hang out alone I get cranky. I need self time. My mind needs time to shut down and relax. It’s these little moments where my batteries get recharged and before I know it I’m back at my computer with 28 windows open sharing all over the place and reaching for my phone to Tweet.

We all have those days I guess. Don’t we?


there’s no room for debby downer here ok, sunshine

I played in the sprinklers at the park and IT WAS AWESOME. I will never be too old (too boring) to play in leaves, snow, sprinklers or dance in the rain. I LIVE for those moments.

Like seriously, does this not look like fun?

Ok, how about this?

I didn’t plan to get soaked in the hot hot sun but it felt awesome. Totally gonna hit that spot up as much as I can this month.

Hung out with some babes too, Sabrina & Sadie. Hot bitches. Love when Sabrina plays ‘dog sitter’. We get to have a dog and then give it back hassle free. It’s the best. Kinda like babysitting a child, although, I’m so glad Sabrina does the babysitting. I’m not really into kids that much right now TBH.

I love this dog. She’s the cutest pup ever. Well behaved, doesn’t bark, plays nice. I’m not huge on animals, I don’t like when they shed, touch your stuff, slobber and need attention all the time.  Of them all, Boxers are deff my favourite.

I guess the better thing to say is I’m not much of a ‘pet’ person. I like when pets have good manners, I like people with good manners too. Sadie stood right on me as I was laying in the water. It was so cute & funny. True love.

Enjoy the day lovelies. I love this song by Baz Luhrman, inspiring and insightful. If you’ve never heard it, I’m so happy you are finally going to. Remember to wear sunscreen! xo

wanna go to a party hosted by me & @virginatlantic?


Look at this dudes style. WOW! Yes, Imma creeper who took his photo on the street while walking behind him. This is “street unstyle” – faceless fashion victims as photographed by Casie Stewart. This might get huge, watch for it.