I tried to pull myself away from the computer, thinking I need a damn break. I was feeling all meh. I played Sims Miami party on Nintendo DS in bed, attempted to sketch book, played with phone, paced around, tried not to snack. I found myself back at the computer again and again and that’s where I started putting out good vibes.

Do you know what happened next? THEY CAME BACK. A whole slew of good stuff happened today and it flipped my shit mood right on it’s damn stupid head. THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS PEOPLE. Like attracts like. I am so happy right now everytime I get nervous that ‘maybe I can’t do it’ or ‘how the heck is this gonna work’ I remind myself that I can and I will. I finally have the freedom to work on exactly what projects I want, with whom and when. I have dreamed of this and I will not let you down, I will not let me ME down.

I close my eyes, cover them with my hands and repeat “this is my life, this is my life“.

I got VIP tickets to Metric tonight outta the blue from my gonna-meet-tonight-first-time-new-friend from my home town.  Oh internet, I love you so. I love this song too. Playin’ on repeat.

the view from our office is terrible


Setting up a blog/twitter for Mum today so she can update while on her sailing adventure. Gonna spend more time with my sketchbook I reckon. We hung out last night and, we really miss each other. The Unnecessary Wheels Collection is growing. If you have no idea what the heck I am talking about you should browse over Borderline Artistic, my art blog or check out some of the first ones I drew in this old post. Two of my fav’s are the bong with wheels and the blackberry with wheels. I want to have an art show within the next year. I’ve got so many things I created hiding  away, they want to come out, they want to see your eyes and give you feelings.

Postsecret, all about feelings. I hear you lady, I want my own adventure TOO!

Made some new friends last night at drum circle & Squirley’s. HI THERE! Interesting enough, I met one babe who looks exactly like Brett from Flight of the Conchords or exactly like an old BF or two, or three. Whoops.  I always seem to find them/they find me, maybe I do have a type afterall. 🙂

Hitting up the free Metric show tonight with O’Nizzle, 7pm Union Station. After that we’ve got fittings with Raymi & Carly of our ZEUGARI swimsuits for Wakestock. We’re staying at a loft in Blue Mountain, it is going to be epic fun. Get ready for lots of bikini’s & babes all weekend.

I tried this one on the other day….ooh hubba hubba. Excited x 1,000,000. If you’re gonna be there lemme know ok.

Have an awesome day xo

google image search ‘working out’ & this picture shows up pg. 11

Lisa found this one today. Weird eh. Especially considering I’m not into working out! I wonder what other interesting search terms will return my photo? If you find an interesting one, let me know.

This is what happened yesterday, kinda: