nerds of a feather flock together

Friday night’s #genyto #Canlit was awesome. Rannie took all these great shots. I was on video recording all night.

Rannie & Renee, loves!

Coleman at the boozy table.

Got to #genyto #canlit about 9er. Hi from some of the babes!

Drank, danced, chatrouletted party style, took some vids, the usual stuff. BTW, chat roulette is REALLY fun at parties. It’ll catch on for that reason I think. Try it next time and tell me about it.

Was very successfully not hungover. Looking back though all the video’s, I’m kinda surprised.

Met a bunch of internet Tweeps and blog readers IRL which is always exciting.

I have about 50 video’s. Most of them are for a little movie project that I was planning to start at sundown but I was fucking around with an Ikea bed that I am now going to return. Soooofuuuuhhhhkingpisssssssedoffaboutit.

So beauty out today. Bunch of Blog Girls & Sean Ward are coming over for a hang.Yahooots.

isn’t she just the cutest thing

Alex and Sabrina went to a Prom Party last night. Love PROM.  There was no real prom, it was just the party. So fun! She came to me in the morning looking for something jazzy to wear.

As her stylist, I knew this would be no PROM-lem. Alex was wearing her original prom dress so I knew Sabrina needed to look like a beaut. Styled her up and took her photo.

I braid her hair sometimes too, like a Barbie.

Skirt – Kensington (Princess Party)
Top – Elastic sequin tubetop – yard sale Bondi Beach, Australia
Hair – $8 Aldo flower headband

you can’t fly with the eagles if you’re with the seagulls

Met Louis Lautman last night at Notable TV’s premiere of The YES Movie. I asked him to tell you about the movie since it’s his movie [see video]. He said it’s kinda like The Secret on steroids meets MTV.

Would really like to know if the young peeps in the movie have blogs, Tweet etc.  Also, making lotsa money like that, these kids should be rocking serious style/designer shit.  Was surprised at the style, I expected more savy!

Watched part of the movie today. Couldn’t make it last night, stopped by to see Raymi before #genyto #canLit.

Nice guy, very tall and says ‘theater’ with an accent. He started the Young Entrepreneur Society, so naturally  I chatted him about entrepreneurship. I’m really into the big E. I firmly believe and know I can have anything I want , this is my life.

He also told me he didn’t know how to spell ‘entrepreneurship’ for a long time, said lots of people have trouble with it. I’ve never had that problem.

I won Young Entrepreneur of Cambridge when I was 15 for starting a publishing company. Little did I know then I’d become a modern daily internet  daily social publisher.  I spend lotsa my time going to these events, Tweetups, Genyto, etc these babies are really all about a crowd, a crown full of entrepreneurial thinkers.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. B.Franklin

Watched one of Lou’s (can I call you Lou?) video on the YES Ning network and it was about internship and inspiring. I always wanted to intern somewhere really cool but those days passed. In the year 2000 I worked work at a marketing company sorting catalogs for the summer.  Boring. Really excited to be mentoring about 6 girls from PR at Humber College. Two were out last night. Those ones who show up, RT, @reply, or email reply back in real time (IRT?) get rewarded with tasks for Toronto Blog Girls. Big pimpin’ learning.

Happy 175th Birthday TORONTO! Looking good baby, love you ♥

BTW Wearing Wonder Woman suit didn’t help me clean like a super hero at all. Returning the bed and going on waiting list for a better one.

* title is Mum’s line. She’s a jem.

art battle: your loser painting gets destroyed…

Cruised over to The Great Hall with Toronto Blog Girls & babes Bre & Keri.

Put my name in the hat to compete as a painter, I did not get picked. Maybe next time!

More vids on the new cammy cam to post but I’m super busy today so this is it for now!

TGIF! #genyto tonight. Quite looking forward to seeing so many friend and meeting people IRL.

Walking the red carpet at YES Movie premiere for Notable TV before the party.

See ya later internet! Love you xo