video made the internet star

I always dreamed of having my own show and thanks to the internet it’s so possible for anyone. I’ve been making some vids but I would LOVE  to win this $250,000 viralocity contest with DoritosBTW, I’m sick of the work viral. I can’t enter it because of my job but it’s open to anyone in Canada over who’s ever been  teenager.  I checked a bunch of videos today and didn’t seen anything particularity hilarious.

This one is my fav cause it’s artistic, short, cute and has good music:

This is Billy, he makes youtube videos that have mega millions of views.

He said key things to viralocity are: 1. Humor 2. Short & Sweet 3. Unique. Sounds kinda like me doesn’t it.  heheh… I joke. You gotta have creativity too.  Doritos are out to see who can make the biggest digital footprint, so I asked him a few questions about the internet!

How long you had your site up? 2004 Do you use formsrping? No. Tumblr? No. Youtube views?  Over 11 million. Twitter: 879 followers/1,045 tweets.  Have you ever been to GenyTO? No but I want to. Where you from? Victoria, B.C. Met anyone famous? Rhianna in YYZ. Nice softspoken, pretty.

Interesting. If YOU make a vid I’ll totes post it!!

let the peoples revolution inspire you & don’t piss her off

Thanks Mum. She got me two dresses so  Sabrina & I both wore them today. Dressing sames/match is hot, two girls one dress.

Sneeeeeek peek party on Monday for FORA our new fashion, beauty, trends magazine @mtvcanada.  I’m Features Editor (Lady Blogga haha) and in charge of editorial contributions from people like YOU.  I’m gonna be talking about it often, starting now.  Launch is April 5, 2010. We just put up a teaser page, FORA.

Feeling a little Kelly Cutrone today myself.  So far today, I have bitched about someone being unprofessional and disorganized,  other idiots who can’t do their job and had to slowly explain something SUPER basic to an intern.  Feels good to bitch a bit. I’m always sooo fucking smiley. Moohahaha.

Excited for THIS Monday before the party Monday…

i have such a hard on for you honey bee

The runaways? Kinda similar themes. Bad girls. Blog Gang. Bangin. Omfgaga. I can not even begin to explain how much I love Lady Gaga. I love her more than I ever loved Madonna or Britney, she pulls out all the cards and trumps everyone. I’ve always been extreme and different and she is so hard that way. Product placement, whatever, I’d do it too. Give me coke cans for my head. Lady Blogga.

This trailer is banging too. Heart on. Hard.

the rise of the bloggers, the revolution is coming

I see it more and more, (like every day) people brand themselves online & built a reputation are now getting the same invites and accreditation to events as traditional media.

It’s really interesting to me because I always knew I wanted to be recognized for doing something well, I never knew what it was (duh, obvs cause it was like 20 years ago before blogging) but I knew it was out there.

I’ve got lots to learn as media & the internet are changing public relations. I love the internet and learning about new ways to explore it.

I met these guys all through blogging and actually, most of my current BFF’s all blog these days too. I’m happy to share what we’ve learned over the last few years with you. At the event blog below: (one track blog mind haha)

You Will Learn:
* how to get (and keep) the attention of industry peeps
* how to turn your everyday life into compelling content
* how to brand yourself online
* what programs and applications to use to host your site, keep track of your statistics, and promote yourself & blog

Click here for more information and to get a ticket. This will be good for offices & agencies who want to learn about connecting with Bloggers too. If you have any questions about it, just ask!