signs the season has turned

Girls without jackets. Holding hands and acting gay/happy.

Long walks at lunch.  St.Patrick’s Day sunshine & green dresses.

Bikes, reading outside.

Black Bull patio is a serious PARTIO!

Crazy busy today. Just got a little hair cut at lunch. Popped by to see Darren, he’s opening a new bigger location and I have something exciting to tell you about  him in the next couple days. BTW, if you need to get a new spring style, go see him and tell him I  sent you (20% discount).  Our Blog Stars seminar is tonight and I’m stoked. Looking forward to sharing things I’ve learned & done of the past 5 years. You can get tickets at the door but we’re almost full so you might wanna get yours online like, now.

Beauty out there today. Went for a nice walk at lunch & LOVED IT. This sunshine just makes my life 🙂

i’d like to introduce you guys to some peeps

Oh hi. It’s me Casie. In case you ever wondered, my blog, This is My Life, started out as a way to keep more memories one  sunny April day in 2006. This b-b-baby has been a best friend, therapy, and a great platform for me to get closer to the dreams I’ve always had. I love it dearly.

Tomorrow evening I’m doing a seminar about blogging with some people I’ve met and been inspired by over the last little while. You may not know them, the same way you know me, so I’m introducing you. There’s still a couple tickets left so go get one here and come meet me & them IRL.

I met Carly last year through the internet, then IRL at a music thingy. Along with being cute and a good friend, she’s really talented. She is a Talent Agent representing principal actors in film, TV and voice.  In Jan 2010, her agency,  Fairlie Agency launched the New Media division and the Toronto Blog Stars group.   Carly has over 15 years experience in the entertainment industry, both on camera and behind the scenes. You’ll get to meet her if coming on Thursday.

You may know Raymi from her blog or me mentioning her  (if you don’t, I’m a little surprised). She’s been blogging since 2000 and was the first daily blogger I knew; She was cool and from Toronto like me. I immediately added her as a friend on Facebook based on this alone. About a year later, we met IRL. She writes about her life and gives you a really close view of it. She became famous on the internet by blogging and has a unique style that’s won her heaps of awards.  Her videos also get heaps of attention ex:

I met Sean Ward when Notable TV & SmoJoe named the Top TO Bloggers last year. It was really cool to be connected to people that do the same kinda thing as you, yet so differently. I didn’t really know other bloggers at the time. Sean writes an online comic called Sean Ward Super Party. He’s a great illustrator.  He’s made a rap video and released an album.

I wanted to fill you in a bit so when you show up you know more than just me.  Look forward to seeing familiar faces, but most of all, I look forward to meets IRL.

Enjoy the sunshine!

the most beautiful girl in the room

Yesterday’s magazine party  at MTV was great. Both my bosses were happy (phew!) and I got positive comments from so many people. via Twitter  & email.  Helps to get positive feedback cause, lemme tell you, I was so nervous and excited about the whole thing. It was really wonderful to see all these awesome people/bloggers in a room together. The dresses from Peach Berserk were a hit. I’ll get to posting more about it tonight but at the moment very busy!

In the mean time you can check out these great post about it!

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Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches. Andy Warhol