Donuts + Dublin | Wanna go on a trip?

HI and Happy Friday! Today when I got to work I was greeted with a donut. I already had breakfast at home but I was like ‘IT’S FRIDAY SO WHATEVER! Gimme that donut!’ We’ve also got some great tunes poppin’ and one of my old favs by Scissor Sisters came on and you can BET I was singing along! Btw, hair is lookin’ fly no?

Jamo Wants to Send you to Dublin!

In other news, my friends at Jamieson Irish Whistey aka JAMO have a contest to send you for a St. Paddy’s Day drink with Jameson in DUBLIN. Visit their Facebook Page for deets and to enter! If you do win, then make sure that you know how to get to from the airport from the Dublin airport bus, even if you don’t win you can still visit Dublin if you want to and I mean why not? It’s a great place, so I’ve heard.

I’ve never been to Dublin but I LOVE St. Patty’s Day, and beer, and yelling, and Irish people (my cute BF is Irish!). How funny is this? We went to support Lozzie at her Comedy Show the other night and her teacher had a crazy resemblance to Sean (on the left).


I usually do a contest with St. Party’s Day for the biggest St. Patricks Day event in Canada so stay tuned for that. March is JUST around the corner! Happy Friday 🙂

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