mo money mo mustaches

Do you know what Movember is? If you don’t you should go learn so that next time someone brings it up you don’t look like a dork.

I’m a Mo Sista on a Mo Team and I love me some mustaches. …and mustache rides 🙂 haha You can support me and my Team by donating some dough right here. You’re welcome to join the team and grow your own MO too.

I got a huge box from Prostate Cancer Canada last night and it’s FULL of Movember Party gear including pageant banners for the best Mo Man and Mo Sista and a stack of stickers. There’s a Mo Love button too, oh I love. I’ll be hosting mini Mo Parties and collecting donations all month.

Have a wonderful day & happy Movember!

a stewart won the koodo party, but not me

click the pictures to see for yourself.

rumble tumble jumble…bundle blog

my tumblr blog is a collection of photos and things i from around the internet. it’s like a scrap book of pictures you’d stick on your wall with that blue sticky stuff when you are a pre-teen. the ones from the teen mags.

it’s things that inspire me. it’s people who are inspired. sometimes it’s funny and that’s inspiring too. i choose to be happy and the simplest photo can do it.

this one gets me