Gettin’ Fit in the 6ix w/ The New FitBit Alta

Gettin’ Fit in the 6ix w/ The New FitBit Alta

Before vacay I joined a bunch of blogger buds at Sport Chek to test out the new FitBit Alta. Remember, with companies like PromoCodeWatch that offer discounts on Fitbit products, make sure you use this when before you hit the checkout button! I’m sure you would like to save as much money as possible on something as cool as a Fitbit. Since receiving the device, I’ve become obsessed with making my 10K steps each day. It wasn’t hard to surpass my daily goal in Costa Rica, I was so active! I forgot to pack my charger so after about 5 days, it died. I was super impressed it lasted that long tho, if only an iPhone could do that! Here’s a couple snaps by George Pimentel from our workout with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternack.

We were set to train outside but it was pouring down with rain, hence the raincoat, but we picked out head to toe New Balance gear and set up our devices for an indoor workout. I am seriously loving the leggings, they’ve got a drawstring and are super soft, comfortable.

Blogger bud Sasha Exeter
OG blogger bud Nelia aka

Ready to hit the road! We took a brisk walk through the PATH underground walkway then arrived at the Toronto Athletic Club to sweat it out.

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Fitness | Running Through the Six

I started getting my a$$ in gear a week before NYE and man do I ever notice. Along with feeling better and my face thinning out, I feel great all over. I actually look forward to waking up and hitting the pavement. I roll out of bed and get into my gear, and head outside.

I was always a fit little person and I’m heading back in that direction. BF has noticed too which makes me feel even more awesome. YEAH BABY.  This morning I did my fastest KM yet of 5.35.

running selfie is hard
running selfie is hard

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I used to stress about what to wear when I worked out and I’d pace around back and forth and then get so overwhelmed I didn’t go. It seems silly but working out for the longest time gave me anxiety. I still can’t bring myself to go to a gym for a solo workout.

Before the holidays Columbia Sportswear invited me to pick out a few items from their #TestedTough collection. I didn’t realize that the shirt & pants combo I picked out WERE ACTUALLY A SUPER HERO OUTFIT INSIDE. I’ve run a couple times in this gear (it’s inside out) and it’s really kept me warm.


For the first time, I really DON’T GIVE A S#*% about what I wear because I’m running past anyone judging me.