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it’s warm in my heart and my little red tights

I woke up in a great mood. It’s good day I can feel it. Had a nice brekky at Roastery with Jeff,  they have the best music. Soon as I got to the office I re-played I love the Nightlife on my Blip Station for my Twitter peeps to enjoy. It was perfect the perfect tune to dive into work with enthusiasm. I’ve got two new penpals and am expecting mail. They’re both in the GTA so if you live far and wanna be my penpal, leave a comment and we’ll chat about it. I’m also excited because some dear friends in the USA are sending me a camera in the mail!! Remember I broke mine? Lucky girl right here! Say goodbye to these Blackberry photos and hello to my pretty litte face nice and clear. People went wild over this a photo I posted of my sis and I yesterday. Saying we’re Twins and stuff.  She’s probably the cutest thing…ok she ties with me. haha You can follow her on Twitter. I’m trying to get her into it as much as me but it seems I have a passion like no other! Reminder to enter the Harijuku Lovers Contest by emailing to tell me something you love. It’s that easy. I’m gonna pick the winner live on October 30th. I love Fridays! Have an awesome day 🙂

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some people have real problems…some kill it

It happens every year when the season change. You know what I mean, we all go through it. You wake up and wonder what to wear, what will it be like today? Outside? Inside at work? I think and say out loud “why don’t I wear a bikini under a parka so I’m prepared when it’s either freezing bloody cold or damn hot?” Ok…I exaggerate… I remember this one job I kept a blanket at my desk all year round. I  never knew if I was planning for heat or air conditioning, never mind the unpredictable outdoor weather. It’s a problem but not like a really serious one… I love fashion and style and clothes but don’t talk about them that often.  I’ve got a couple favorite blog spots that do cover fashion and they’re really good. I  like their style and they’re all so damn cute. They are: Danielle (TO), Final Fashion – Fashion Illustrator in Toronto Gloria (TO), Urbanebloc – Fashion, Style, Stuff Sheena (NYC), The Uniform Project – 365 Days 1 Dress Go check them out. You will like.

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